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From Melbourne to Sydney and beyond: Our standout home-office stories of 2022

Harwyn may be Melbourne-born, but our pods are cropping up all over the country.

With our pods now peppered throughout states and territories, we’re endlessly humbled by our story’s trajectory.

Just as astounding is the breadth of our clientele. Lawyers, yoga trainers, not-for-profit leaders – and it’s their stories that excite us most.

2023 will bring in a new host of happy Harwyn owners. But before we look ahead, we’re looking back: on three special Harwyn stories from 2022.

Paula and Will Moloney – Armidale, NSW

Paula and her husband Will entered COLORBOND’s Loved All Over Australia competition early last year. The grand prize? Well, you can guess.

Paula was flabbergasted to find out she’d won. Her astonishment was soon replaced by amazement – at the swiftness of the Harwyn process.

“We picked a colour – opting for one that matched our house – and Harwyn did the rest,” Paula said. “And then, not 12 weeks later, our pod was craned right into our backyard!

The couple’s sleek new pod is a beautiful addition to their lush, leafy garden in Armidale. But it’s not all about aesthetics: the pod has had another, more personal impact.

“It’s made such a difference to Will’s life,” Paula stresses. “Before, if he was doing a really big job, he sometimes wouldn’t get home from the office until 8pm.

“But now, he can come inside, have dinner… and if he needs to go back out, it’s literally outside our door.”

Their Harwyn pod even let Paula and Will reduce the size – and cost – of their Armidale office. But it was the installation process that impressed them most.

“It was, quite seriously, the easiest installation we’ve done in our entire lives.”

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Gary Jessiman – Lewisham, NSW

Located in Sydney’s Inner West, Gary Jessiman is an IT Project Manager with an eye for detail. It’s a good thing, too – because his work demands precision.

”I do a very technical job, so I need a space with dual monitors, power points, ample bench area – and I need it to be contained,” Gary told us.

Before he approached us, Gary and his wife worked side-by-side at the kitchen table – hardly a sustainable arrangement for any household.

He called us eager for a solution. But with no off-street parking for builders or deliveries, he wasn’t sure we’d have one for him.

Luckily for Gary, tricky installations are no obstacle. We delivered Gary’s pod to his Lewisham home – and craned it directly into his backyard.

“The only challenge now is the expectation to return to the office,” he said. “I go in occasionally – but frankly, I’ve got a better setup here!”

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Hamish and Andrew – Prahran, VIC

This creative power-couple inspired us to break new ground.

The pair wanted a sleek, spacious addition to their newly renovated home. Instead of adding more floor space – which could disrupt the flow of the house – they set their sights on their spacious backyard. A savvy decision.

They came to us wanting an office with the works – a self-contained space that caters to their every need.

And we crafted the very first Harwyn Studio: a home-office pod complete with daybed, bespoke bathroom, and cosy kitchenette.

It was a project that heralded a new era for Harwyn – expanding the potential of every future pod.

“We’re very fussy,” said Andrew. “But the quality and functionality of the pod exceeded our expectations. Harwyn has done an exceptional job.”

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Want to see yourself in our top stories of 2023? If this feels like the year for change, enquire today about a Harwyn pod of your own.