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We're the partner of choice for schools needing space.

Classrooms, music pods, counselling rooms, tutoring spaces, staff rooms, common rooms, and any other space imaginable.

Unlike traditional prefab structures, a Harwyn has the contemporary look and feel of a high-end building. And, we deliver and install in less than a day, meaning minimal disruption to your school.

Across Australia, schools
keep choosing Harwyn.

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A Harwyn classroom comes fully-equipped and ready to use – ample pre-installed power points and USB ports, energy-efficient lighting, weather and water-damage protected, and easy to clean and maintain (no repainting, ever). Click below for some examples of our product range. We customise to your needs.

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Mega Super Tower

Product Range

Music Rooms

A tried-and-tested professional space for music learning. Schools consistently report pods are their preferred music spaces. They arrive fully equipped with A/C, all electrics including communications cabling, as well as internal acoustic treatments refined over the years to give optimal acoustic performance for enhanced music tuition.

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Double Open hall

Product Range

Multi-purpose centres

There are many space requirements schools face and Harwyn’s multi-purpose centres are used to address varied needs. These multi-purpose centres offer complete versatility – from a performing arts centre, to an exam hall, to an open space administration centre. There’s no limit to what can be achieved.

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Custom builds

Many of Harwyn’s project designs started out as custom builds. Harwyn is well known for its music rooms, classrooms, office spaces, and performing arts centres; but, we’ve also done STEM labs, uniform shops, canteens, toilet blocks and ELS spaces. We have some incredible new large-scale projects going ahead so contact us with any project your school is considering.

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Permanent Modular 
School Buildings

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Harwyn has become the go-to choice for schools seeking state-of-the-art, architecturally designed modular spaces for learning and creativity. Whether it’s prefabricated classrooms, music rooms, STEM labs, staff rooms or ESL rooms, we’ve got it covered. Here’s why you should consider Harwyn for your next project:

Architecturally Designed
Architecturally Designed

Our modular spaces are not just buildings; they are pieces of inspired architecture. Each design is meticulously planned and executed, creating an inspiring environment for learning and creativity.

Installed in a Day
Installed in a Day

We understand the importance of minimising disruption in a school environment. Our prefab spaces are installed on-site within a single day, allowing your school activities to continue uninterrupted.

Fixed Costs
Fixed Costs

With Harwyn, there are no surprises when it comes to your budget. We operate on a fixed cost basis for our prefabricated buildings, ensuring you get no unexpected costs at the end of the project

Quick Turnaround
Quick Turnaround

From planning to installation, our efficient processes ensure a quick turnaround for your modular building, so your new space will be ready when you need it.

Multi Award Winning
Multi Award Winning

We’re proud to say that our innovative modular designs for classrooms and other spaces have earned us multiple awards. When you choose Harwyn, you’re choosing quality that’s been recognised by industry experts.

Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design

We’re committed to eco-friendly practices. Our prefabricated classrooms and other educational spaces feature sustainable design elements, including the use of recyclable materials and energy-efficient insulation and glazing.

Inspiring Designs
Inspiring Designs

We believe that educational spaces should be places that inspire students to learn and create. Our modular designs do just that, creating environments that are both functional and inspirational.

High Quality
High Quality

We never compromise on quality. Every Harwyn modular space, whether it’s a prefabricated classroom, a music room, a STEM lab or an ESL room, is built to the highest standards, using robust materials that are engineered to last.

Offsite Construction
Offsite Construction

We understand the importance of keeping disruption to a minimum at your school. With your buildings being completely manufactured offsite, your buildings can arrive on site and be installed in a single day.

Why Harwyn?

At Harwyn, we are reshaping the future of school infrastructure with our innovative, high-quality, and inspiring modular spaces for education. Partner with us for your next project, and experience the Harwyn difference.

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“Staff, students and parents all love thePODs. They have commented on how “classy” the PODs look. Staff and students love using the POD’s and have enjoyed the sound proofing qualities of them.”

Nam-Ha Quach, Property Manager, Bacchus Marsh Grammar

“Students and teachers absolutely love this space. Its on really high rotation. In fact there is almost a waiting list to get in here. Its used with such regularity and enjoyment. Since installation, students and instrumental music teachers alike prefer to use the pods over our existing facilities.”

Stephen Cuddon, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Camberwell Grammar Girls School

“From our first visit to Harwyn to view the pods we knew that they would fit the bill and we were impressed right from the start – excellent customer service from their sales team right through to the efficient installation of the pods. Installation of the pods was the best way to increase the space for our staff and the staff whose the office space think they are great.”

Nicole Bradshaw, Business Manager, Mentone Grammar School

“The pods have provided a flexible solution to a significant challenge. Not only do the brass and percussionstudents now have a dedicated space that is fit for purpose, they can blast away without fear of interruptingclasses, including VCE classes, in adjacent rooms.”

Farai Mufuka, Director of Business, St Michaels Grammar School

“Both the students and staff quickly embraced the Pods, and the only questions I get are when are we going to get more of them.”

Hirian Hinson, Director of Business, Kilvington Grammar

“We could not be happier with our Harwyn pod. We especially like the design and the unobtrusive nature of the pod. It fits very well with the surrounding and existing architecture!”

Pitsa Binnion, Principal, McKinnon Secondary College

“We were amazed at how much input we could have to the final set up. The Harwyn team were most accomodating and used their experience and design team to fine tune the plans. The communication during the process was fantastic.”

Rob Kitchingman, Project Manager, Huntingtower School

“Our entire music team is happier and more motivated since the pods arrived. I’m so grateful to the school for investing in them; I wish every school could have this opportunity.”

Samantha Abela, Head of Strings, Southern Cross Grammar

“The team at Harwyn are fabulous to work with. They oversee all aspects of the project until its end and ensure that the job is done to meet all of our needs. Our pod is the best building in our school!”

Ruth Biddle, Principal, Huntingdale Primary School

“I get very regular feedback from our parents about how good the pod actually looks and how great it is for our school facilities.”

James Penson, Principal, Kew Primary School

“It looks far more like a permanent structure as opposed to a pod that has been put in temporarily.”

Hamish Blair, Business Manager, Presbyterian Ladies' College

“Harwyn was the standout organisation which could supply custom built, attractive rehearsal spaces in a relatively short time frame.”

Jane Macneil, Corporate Services Manager, Yarra Valley Grammar

“Our new pods have been welcomed by not only our Music Department but the wider school community as great learning spaces for the girls. Harwyn has helped to create a special place for our school community.”

David Borg, Facilities Manager, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

“The staff and students love using the pods and the music department are always booking these spaces.”

Catherine Tan, Business Manager, Lauriston Girls' School

“We chose Harwyn because of the quality the finished product was exceptional and really fitted with what we were looking for at PLC.”

Hamish Blair, Business Manager

“Our entire music team is happier and more motivated since the pods arrived. I’m so grateful to the school for investing in them; I wish every school could have this opportunity.”

Samantha , Music Teacher, Southern Cross Grammar

“The Harwyn pod makes a real statement. It’s orthogonal, it’s cubed, it has a sexy metal finish. Underpinned by those qualities, we’ve turned it into an engaging space that’s not just a classroom, but a conversation starter.”

Greg Hellard, Head of Stem, Huntingtower School

“Both the students and staff quickly embraced the Pods, and the only questions I get are when are we going to get more of them.”

Hirian Hinson, Director of Business

“The pods have provided a flexible solution to a significant challenge. Not only do the brass and percussion students now have a dedicated space that is fit for purpose, they can blast away without fear of interrupting classes, including VCE classes, in adjacent rooms through paper thin wall.”

Farai Mufuka, Director of Business, St Michaels Grammar School

“We would not have gone for a standard portable type building as we wanted better than what is moved around in emergency situations. As this Pod was to be in a central position, the “look” was crucial.”

Yarra Valley Grammar

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