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The Benefits Of Prefabricated Construction For Your School

The Benefits Of Prefabricated Construction For Your School

New developments in educational architecture are enhancing the way we envision and create learning spaces. One significant development making waves in this space is prefabricated construction. By combining innovation, functionality, and efficiency, this approach offers distinct benefits over traditional construction methods, making it an exciting choice for schools contemplating new building projects.

Efficiency And Speed Of Prefabricated Construction

A primary advantage of prefabricated construction lies in its efficiency. The offsite manufacturing process significantly reduces construction time. Buildings can be ready for use in just a few days, unlike the weeks or even months required by traditional construction methods. The Harwyn project at the Huntingtower School exemplifies this, where the installation time on site was less than 3 days for the installation of a STEM Lab offering a disruption-free experience.

“The logistics were extremely well planned. The locations access was tight…(which meant) the delivery and fitting had to be precise. Yet all up, the foundations took a day and a half. And then, within three days, the STEM Lab was ready for use. The result was just brilliant”

Rob Kitchingman – Project Manager – Huntingtower School

A prefabricated STEM Lab at a school

Minimal Disruption For Your School

Traditional construction can be a logistical nightmare for schools, with months of noise, trade workers, and logistical problems associated with managing the movement of workers and students. Prefabricated construction sidesteps these issues. Typically, installation takes place over a weekend or during school holidays, minimizing disturbance to the school routine. Students and staff may leave on a Friday to an empty field and return on Monday to a brand-new set of prefabricated buildings, as was the case with the installation at Yarra Valley Grammar.

“We gained one large rehearsal room and three smaller practice rooms across the space in just one weekend.”

 Jane Macneil – Corporate Services Manager – Yarra Valley Grammar

A prefabricated school building that is used as a performing arts centre

Quality and Design

Prefabricated buildings don’t compromise on quality or design. They are built using high-grade materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Moreover, these structures are carefully designed to be visually appealing, functional, and flexible. The prefabricated classrooms at the Bacchus Marsh Grammar showcases this, combining striking aesthetics with a robust construction.

“Time and time again we’ve come back to Harwyn, and that’s because of the quality of their product, and how pleasant they are to work with. I deal with a lot of subcontractors, and I can definitely say that Harwyn’s team stands out for their friendliness and efficiency.”

 Nam-Ha Quach – Property Manager – Bacchus Marsh Grammar

A double story prefabricated school building

Cost-Effectiveness of Prefabricated Construction In Schools

Prefabricated construction can provide financial predictability. With a set design and manufacturing process, there is no price creep as all costs are locked in at the time of signing the contract. This pricing certainty, as experienced by all Harwyn clients, allows for more accurate and efficient budgeting.

Personalised and Flexible Solutions

Every school has unique needs, and prefabricated construction can adapt to meet them. The designs of these buildings are not only contemporary and stylish, but also adaptable. As your school grows and changes, so too can your building.

Consider the Harwyn project at Southern Cross Grammar. Initially, five music pods were dispersed across different areas of the school. However, when a new block of Harwyn classrooms was needed, three of these pods found themselves occupying the precise location intended for the new classrooms. The solution? Harness the inherent transportability of Harwyn buildings. Even with their permanent structural appearance, these music pods were seamlessly relocated, creating a dynamic ‘music village‘. This is a testament to Harwyn’s unparalleled flexibility, ensuring evolving school needs are met with minimal disruption.

Prefabricated classroom being used by students


With an increasing focus on environmental responsibility, prefabrication is a wise choice. The construction process minimises waste, and the finished buildings are often more energy-efficient, contributing to a more sustainable future. This is a key consideration in the design of all Harwyn projects.

Minimal Maintenance For Your School

Prefabricated buildings are designed with low maintenance in mind. The use of durable materials and finishes means less constant upkeep or painting. This, as exemplified by the low-maintenance Harwyn Pod at the Kingswood College, translates to more time and resources you can dedicate to the educational needs of your students.

Prefabricated construction is more than just a trend; it’s a revolution in how we approach building design and construction. By choosing this approach for your school, you can enjoy these many benefits and be at the forefront of this progressive wave in educational architecture.

The Final Word

Prefabricated construction for schools isn’t a futuristic concept, and Harwyn has been leading the way in this domain for years. As a pioneer in creating transformative, high-quality educational spaces, Harwyn has always championed the benefits of prefabricated construction. Our dedication to offsite construction is unwavering, as we recognise its immense potential in reshaping the landscape of education. Don’t just take our word for it; explore this article published in 2014 about Harwyn’s approach to prefabricated construction, which highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in this field. As we continue to embrace and enhance prefabrication techniques, we remain dedicated to crafting superior educational environments that cater to the evolving needs of schools.

Is your school in need of some extra space? Contact the Harwyn team today if you school is in need of a high quality space that can be delivered in a short period of time with absolute price certainty.

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