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About us

Passionate about pod design
since 2013.

The Harwyn story.

In 2012, long before working from home was trending, Harwyn founder, Jason Fremder, had the idea of creating a backyard workspace free from noise and distraction.

Approaching notable Melbourne architect, Selwyn Blackstone, the idea became a prototype that became a business when both recognised the potential for anyone needing extra space – here was a solution that was useful, durable, cost-effective, and looked amazing too.

The first Harwyn was sold to a pilates studio and installed on a balcony to create an adjoining office space. Then, it was music pods for Camberwell Girls Grammar. And since then, Harwyn has come a long way – we’ve grown, refined, diversified, and committed ourselves to sustainable practise.

What never changes though is the quality of our output and the passion we have for the work. We still have the same core team who have had the benefit of years to refine and innovate to incorporate the latest in materials technology and design practise; and we’re still proudly based in Melbourne, sourcing and creating locally.

Meet the team

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Studies show that offsite prefab construction is more cost and time effective, and minimises environmental impacts. Our work is underpinned by in-depth knowledge of materials, passive design, and sustainable principles. A Harwyn requires minimal energy and will last many decades. Materials chosen for use – including steel, timber and aluminium – can be recycled or reused at the end of the life of the building.

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Through precision building we increase the thermal performance of our pods. Millimetre-perfect joints and seams are designed for high tolerance, and thermal insulation ensures our pods are not only the most energy efficient on the market, but also the most cost-effective over time.

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Supply chain

Our suppliers are our partners. Predominantly local, they are also partners in managing the social, environmental, and ethical risks in our supply chains, which is why we mainly use Australian-made products. We actively seek to engage suppliers who share the core values expressed by Harwyn, and who take a similar approach to looking after their employees’ wellbeing.

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Anti-modern slavery

We’re committed to preventing modern slavery practises from occurring in our supply chains. While we mostly use Australian-made materials, any components sourced overseas are through trusted suppliers. We recognise that modern slavery is complex, and can be deeply hidden in global supply chains, but we continue to work with our suppliers to improve our modern slavery risk management.

“Harwyn took care of every detail from planning to installation… they set a new bar for customer satisfaction.”



“The acoustics in a Harwyn are very impressive and its design is conducive to creative thought.”

Brian Ritchie, Violent Femmes Bass Guitarist

“With four kids inside – two of them learning from home – my Harwyn has been an absolute lifesaver in recent months. I can’t imagine life without it!”

Kieran Mitchell, CFO

“It wasn’t a hard decision to do business with Harwyn as their product definitely reflects their passion to deliver a quality product.”

Tim Rees

“It is a beautiful place to be in, with windows looking out onto the garden, light and airy on the inside and the red accent cupboards just pop . I occasionally find myself looking at the Pod and admiring how good it looks.”

Mathew Drew

“It certainly was exciting when we first craned the pod in. But the greatest thrill is seeing the pod still looking like new – years on.”

Albert Wong

Multi-award winning. Trusted since 2013.

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