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A room of your own

A home office, a spare room,
a backyard studio, a teen retreat.

*Currently, our residential projects are limited to Victoria only. Our commercial projects are always delivered nationwide.

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A track record for excellence.

Established in Melbourne in 2013, Harwyn has been creating versatile backyard offices and luxurious retreats long before working-from-home became the norm. Our point of difference lies not only in the quality of our pods, but in the fact that our work has been tried, tested and perfected to create spaces people love being in.

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Home Office

Discover our range of pre-designed pods favoured for working from home. Whether you’re looking for a space for one, or many, we have a solution. We can also customise to your size specifications to create a pod that’s perfectly attuned to your available space.

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Studio Pro Studio Elite

Product Range

Home Studio/Accommodation

The Hawryn Studio Pro range is the ultimate addition to your home. Every detail has been carefully considered. Ample glazing with double bifold doors, high spec bathroom and kitchenette and plenty of space to work, retreat, entertain, have guests stay over or a hangout space for your teens.

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Placed in your site easily and instantaneously.

No mess. No fuss. No tradies in your home for weeks on end.

Architecturally designed. Sustainable. Australian-made.

Made with quality local materials. Built to last and beautiful.

Secluded, quiet and comfortable all year round.

Premium acoustic insulation and 24/7 climate control.

Tailored to your taste and made to order.
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Choose colour scheme and finish. Customise interior configuration.

“It is a beautiful place to be in, with windows looking out onto the garden, light and airy on the inside and the red accent cupboards just pop. I occasionally find myself looking at the pod and admiring how good it looks.”

Mathew Drew - Video Producer

“It certainly was exciting when we first craned the pod in. But the greatest thrill is seeing the pod still looking like new, years on.”

Albert Wong - Dentist

“I knew what I was getting but once the pod arrived, it was WOW, next level.”

Maria Bergmain - Therapist / Naturopath

“The more I learned about Harwyn, the more I liked them. The design of the pods caught my eye first; I could see the level of detail. And Harwyn’s an established business – that gave me confidence.”

Sophie McCowan - Lawyer

“You don’t want to just work in a box. If you’re going to invest in something, it should have some colour, some texture. I wanted a space I’d look forward to walking into every day. I’ve got a better set up here than I do at the office”

Gary Jessiman - IT Manager

“The experience that I have had with Harwyn, right from the very beginning has been nothing short of exceptional.”

Lee Ajzenman - Physio and Pilates

“I love my office pod. It is not just a space to work but an inspiring place to create.”

Anthony Rowley - Executive Consultant

“…has been an absolute life saver for me working remotely the past four years. With our kids inside, two of them learning from home, I can’t image life without my Harwyn!”

Kieran Mitchel - CFO

“We had a good feeling about Harwyn from the start. The pods looked sharp. They were the right size. And we loved their rounded facades.”

Andrew Staite - CEO

“We’re just so grateful. It honestly feels like it’s been here forever. It fits in, it looks good, and it’s functional. It ticks all the boxes. I truly can’t rate it highly enough.”

Paula Moloney

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