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Bathroom, daybed and the kitchen sink – this bespoke home office has it all

When you think of a home office, you probably picture a desk, chair and potted plant.

But for Hamish and Andrew (no, not that Hamish and Andy!), a creative couple based in Prahran, standard just isn’t their style.

So, in typical innovative spirit, the pair thought outside the box by thinking inside the pod – to build a truly versatile space.

The outcome is the prototype for Harwyn’s new multipurpose backyard space, which is often referred to as a granny flat. Here’s the duo on bringing their dream to life.

A clear vision, yet so few choices

Clarity wasn’t the issue for Hamish and Andrew.

In fact, the pair knew exactly what they wanted: a chic outdoor office that would double as a guest room.

Yet after recently renovating their Prahran house, they didn’t want to destabilise their home all over again. So to carve out a new space, they needed to think outside their home!

“We probably saw half a dozen different prefab options,” Andrew says.

“But very few were made to measure. And after spending a lot of money upgrading our home, we didn’t want to put just any shack in our backyard.”

Quickly, the pair realised: there weren’t a cornucopia of choices, but a select few.

Teenage Retreat

Photo of a backyard studio which can be used as a teenage retreat

When Hamish and Andrew met Harwyn

“When we connected with Jason, we realised our needs were a new market for Harwyn,” says Hamish.

“His enthusiasm for this new concept was really appealing. We knew our vision for the pod was going to serve as a prototype. But that wasn’t a problem. In fact, we were excited about it.”

While Harwyn has built a reputation for its striking home office pods, Hamish and Andy wanted more than a home office; they wanted to maximise the potential of this extra space. And that meant including a bathroom, kitchenette and daybed. And they didn’t want the look of the old granny flat.

“We knew Jason was eager to experiment – and would be on board. Yet as our experience with Harwyn progressed, we learnt it wasn’t just Jason who was great, but the rest of his team, too,” says Hamish.

“From the plumbers to the electricians to the crane operators, everyone in the extended team was fantastic.”

Life before their Harwyn pod

“It was a nightmare,” Andrew says.

“It was really difficult, wasn’t it?” Hamish agrees, “We had one room set up as a study, which I was using – even before Covid. That left Andrew in the dining room.”

Come the end of the workday, it was always difficult for Andrew to walk away – when his office was smack bang in the middle of their home.

And of course, office spaces get messy, which is never an appealing house centrepiece.

Granny Flat Bathroom

The biggest pros of their pod

“It looks like it’s been in our garden forever,” Hamish says, “The trees are already growing up around the pod. It perfectly blends in with our garden.”

“I’m delighted by how quiet it is inside,” Andrew adds. “The pod is well-insulated, holding warmth and cool throughout the year.

But for Hamish, the greatest plus of all? “It’s made working from home even more productive.

“When I come in here, natural light filters in and I feel energised to work. I love it.”

Although Hamish and Andrew aren’t the only ones who love their Harwyn.

“Every time we have friends over, they comment on how great the pod looks.

“We’re very fussy,” Andrew explains. “But the quality of the pod and how it functions exceeded our expectations. Harwyn has done an exceptional job.”

See more images from this project here.


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