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“I’ve got a better setup here than I do at the office” – Gary, IT Project Manager

A less-than-optimal setup makes working from home a challenge. And working with your family in earshot each day certainly doesn’t help.

That’s what Gary Jessiman, IT Project Manager at eHealth NSW, and his wife realised six months into lockdown.

Which is when he came to Harwyn.

Almost a year on, Gary sat down with us to talk about the power of a personalised, fit-for-purpose WFH space. And how his Harwyn pod has changed his work and home lives – for the better.

Right-brain, left-brain

For Gary, a well-organised workspace is a must. That’s why he (like the rest of us) struggled to adapt to working from home when the pandemic hit.

“Nowhere in our house is fit-for-purpose in terms of a modern working environment,” he says. ”I do a very technical job, so I need a space with dual monitors, power points, ample bench area – and I need it to be contained.”

Efficiency and organisation are top priorities for Gary – personally and professionally.

“My wife is the opposite,” he laughs. “Her job is all about people, relationships and conversations, so our work styles are very different. She’s right-brained, I’m left-brained.”

Realising they needed their own workspaces, Gary knew he needed a smart solution.

A thorough search for a quality solution

Gary was as meticulous in his search for a fit-for-purpose space as he is in his work.

“I did a lot of research before I made a decision,” he recalls. “At first, I wanted an off-the-shelf product – but the quality just wasn’t there.

“There were a few companies that offer build services and a few others that do prefab granny flats. But, often, they were nothing more than a corrugated shed. Not much by way of design.”

And design was just as important to Gary as utility.

“You don’t want to just work in a box,” he says. “If you’re going to invest in something, it should have some colour, some texture. I wanted a space I’d look forward to walking into every day.”

When Gary found Harwyn, things started to fall into place.

The perfect fit

Investing in a WFH space isn’t a decision you make lightly. But while working with Harwyn’s CEO, Jason, Gary felt certain that he was on the right track.

“Jason was upfront throughout the entire process,” he says. “He walked me through everything I could expect at every step.

“His enthusiasm and transparency gave me real confidence in the quality of the product. And that was enough for me to say, ‘Yep! Let’s do it.’”

When it came time to install the pod, Gary was doubly glad he chose Harwyn.

“We’ve got no off-street parking. Had we gone with someone else, it would have meant contractors coming in and out for a good while – which would have been hell for us and our neighbours.

“Whereas Harwyn did this with minimal disruption to my family and my neighbours’ families. Being able to lower the pod in by crane made it such a fast, smooth process.”

A world of difference

“I said this to Jason,” says Gary, reflecting on life with a Harwyn pod, “but this pod was a godsend throughout COVID. It still is.

“I get to actually leave the house each morning to go to work – even if it’s a five-second commute from my back door.”

Gary and his wife’s pod is perched at the top of a flight of stairs in their backyard. He says that having a distinct separation between work and home makes a world of difference.

“Having a dedicated space to go to makes for a much better working experience. And this has let us add space to the home without having to refurbish or renovate.

“The only challenge now is the expectation to return to the office. I go in occasionally – but I’ve got a better setup here than I do over there!”

Want to invest in a dedicated home-office space? Autonomy and separation are exactly what you get with a Harwyn pod.

Tell us about your unique situation by calling 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996). Or send us an enquiry now.