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Prefabricated Construction In Victoria – Harwyn On The Cover

The Victorian Government has released a directory for the prefabricated construction business sector showcasing the sector with a Harwyn Pod on the cover, and we are proud to have been selected.

Why Harwyn was used for the cover shot.

Harwyn operates in Victoria’s well established construction ecosystem and has been recognised through numerous awards as a leader in a competitive construction sector. As the directory highlights, Victoria is the home of prefabricated construction in Australia. Harwyn is proud to be a leader in this sector delivering high quality rooms and buildings to clients throughout Australia in the shortest turn around times.

What is prefabricated and modular construction?

Prefabricated construction is constructing a building in a factory environment or off-site. There are varying levels of prefabrication and Harwyn often completes the entire prefabrication of its buildings in the factory. The building is then loaded onto a truck. The delivery and installation of Harwyn buildings can often be completed in a single day depending on the complexity of the installation.

Why choose Harwyn for your upcoming projects?

Harwyn is an industry leader in high quality prefabricated construction. The standard of quality of product and service is attested to by a long list of high profile clients that can be seen HERE in both written testimonials and video. We are also proud to have been recognised with a number of formal awards including The Good Design Award, The A’Design Award and recognition from the VSBA in the design Award finals.

For many of our clients, minimal site disruption is important and Harwyn’s time on site is minimal. As an example, a project completed at Yarra Valley Grammar to deliver a 150m2 performing arts center was delivered, installed and completed in a matter of days. In real terms, that meant that the school shut for holidays mid year for 2 weeks and a blank plot of land had completely been transformed and ready for use on the return from the short break. Read the testimonial for that project HERE.

Common uses for Harwyn Pods:

Harwyn operates across a number of sectors including residential, commercial, education and health. Harwyn pods come in many shapes and sizes. Some typical uses are:

  • Home office
  • Music rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • General uses halls
  • Dental suits
  • Holiday accommodation units

There are many uses for a Harwyn pod. Contact us to discuss your upcoming project.

To see a quick time lapse of a smaller Harwyn building installed in minutes, have a look HERE.

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