Testimonial – Yarra Valley Grammar

Harwyn was approached to install 2 custom units. The first was a 150m2 space to be used for the Drama department at the school as a rehearsal room. The next space required was 3 music rooms in a single combined building. After completion and installation of the project, this is what the business manager from Yarra Valley Grammar had to say:

“With the continued expansion of the Drama and Music departments at Yarra Valley Grammar, rehearsal space is always at a premium and we needed a quick and cost effective solution to this problem. Luckily, the School had room in the centre of the campus and we approached a number of providers of appropriate rooms. Harwyn was the stand out organisation which could supply custom built, attractive rehearsal spaces in a relatively short time frame. From detailed measuring of the site and placement of the units, choice of colors and attention to the specific requirements of the Drama and Music departments, the Harwyn team were effective and efficient in ensuring that the School’s needs were met.”

“We were kept well informed of the progress of planning and construction of the modulars throughout the production process and any site visits were planned and coordinated well in advance. Preparation of the site was very important, in our case, due to the unstable nature of the area and we were advised of the activities required to carry this out. Scoping the site for delivery and in particular, crane access, was also very carefully done.”

“When the time came for installation, the day went very smoothly and we gained one large rehearsal room and three smaller practice rooms across the space of just one weekend – much quicker than building ourselves. With only minor adjustments required after installation, Harwyn also installed stairs to all the rooms. The modulars are very popular with both students and staff in both the Drama and Music departments and the rest of the School community enjoys the many different colors on the outside walls as the daylight and weather change. A great solution by Harwyn.”

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