Prefabricated pod installation

The Harwyn process is relatively simple. After choosing your colours and final finishes, Harwyn gets to work in our Melbourne factory to prefabricate your pod. The next time you will see us is 8 weeks later to install your prefab room.

Eight weeks after choosing your colour

The Harwyn multi Award winning Pod is a prefabricated state of the art architectural space that has been created by a team of highly skilled professionals. The Harwyn team works for you in the background so that the only thing you need to do is sit back and watch the installation of your prefab building unfold in front of your eyes.

Prefabricated buildings in the modern era

In essence, a Porsche is a prefabricated car. The Luxury German auto maker does not come to the client house and build the car on site. Likewise, Harwyn does not build Harwyn Pods on site. Although technically, it would be possible to build a Harwyn or Porsche on site, it is much more sensible building in a factory that is tooled up to work with very precise detail in factory conditions. It also saves you the unnecessary pain of having the noise and mess of a factory open up on your site in order to build a Harwyn pod or a Porsche or both.

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