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The benefits of a dedicated study space

Academic success is anything but a delightful mishap. It involves thorough preparation, effort and diligence. It also requires a dedicated space for uninterrupted concentration. That’s where Harwyn comes in.

Study space

Get in the zone. Get in a Harwyn

Some students believe that they can breeze through school or uni based on their smarts alone. Yet, a sole reliance on intelligence will never be as prosperous as a good attitude and a space that’s conducive to concentration and productivity.

As any parent knows, inability to concentrate is one of the most common problems that plague students and impedes potential. Several things can be a factor, whether it is a simple matter of procrastination, poor organisation or noisy surroundings. A Harwyn pod confronts these barriers head on and provides a quiet, bright and comfy space to hit the books.

Prefab studio for study

The ideal study space

It’s vital for students to have a recognised space for the sole purpose of studying. When set up properly, this space can go a long way to minimise distraction and interruption.

An effective and ideal study room should consist of these attributes:

  • An assigned location. Productive study is best done in a space that’s private, quiet, and free from disturbances.
  • An accessible location. Studying at school is great but students also need a dedicated space at home.
  • An area that can store the materials you need. Our clever prefab design means everything you need is close to hand.
  • A large enough desk. Harwyn pods come with a 700mm deep desk. Plenty of room for computers, textbooks and notepads. Need even more room? Just ask us.
  • A comfortable chair. A Herman Miller Aeron chair is an optional extra with your Harwyn. Read our post on this ideal study mate.
  • An adequate amount of light. You must be able to see clearly while reading and writing. Harwyns are bright and airy with windows at eye level when sitting.
  • A space that represents you. Harwyn pods come in a range of colours and we offer a variety of design options to suit your child’s unique style.

When all of these elements are combined, your child has everything they need to make the most of their potential.

Designed to last

When your child’s studies are complete, our premium quality, long-lasting design means that you can re purpose your Harwyn pod when your family’s needs changes.

If you’ve dreamed about working from home your Harwyn is a home office. If you’re a creative type, it becomes your very own studio. The possibilities are endless for students and parents alike.

Get in touch with us and experience Harwyn for yourself.