Every Harwyn Pod comes fitted externally with Alucobond, which is available in a wide range of colours. There’s bound to be a Solid, Metallic and Transitional colour to reflect your style.


There can be great beauty in something simple. From pure white to ruby red, the solid colours pallet provides a striking colour solution. We invite you to come to our showroom to view the range of solid colour options available for your Harwyn home office. Who knows, you might decide to keep things simple.
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Harwyn has a range of metallic finishes that provide strikingly different looks depending on the ambient light and viewing angle. But no matter what, at dawn or dusk, your Harwyn will shine. So shield your eyes as you come visit us at our showroom and explore the range of metallic colour options.
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Inspired by the seemingly endless array of colour effects found in nature, the transitional colours available for your Harwyn are truly unique. View the range of transitional colour options at our showroom and experience a depth of colour and level of finish you thought was impossible in a portable office space.
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