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How to avoid the risks of building and renovating in 2022

In the market for extra space? Rising material prices and labour shortages might make that tricky right now.

Thankfully, construction isn’t the only option out there.

Prefabricated pods bypass construction woes entirely – making the Harwyn process even more advantageous.

What’s causing these construction challenges?

Thanks to global supply chain issues, the price of timber, steel and concrete rose during the pandemic.

Labour shortages are only complicating things further. To compensate, construction companies have had to increase their rates.

“The last six months, we’ve had lots of inquiries, but some people are not so keen to commit to design and build. I guess they’re a bit scared,” Melbourne builder Jeremy Gates tells Australian Financial Review.

This is where we come in.

At such an uncertain time, Harwyn can offer a smooth, hassle-free solution (not to mention eye-catching aesthetics).

Wondering how we do it? Here are the three factors that make Harwyn a steadfast alternative to the traditional construction route.

1. Manufactured – not constructed

You’d naturally assume that nationwide construction issues would impact every corner of the industry. Why should Harwyn be any different?

The key reason is that Harwyn pods are manufactured – not constructed.

Just like the iPhone and the Porsche, our pods follow a set of strict blueprints. (Although there’s always room for customisation!)

Each one is built in our Melbourne-based factory to millimetre-precise specifications. That means we can guarantee a quality end result – every time.

2. Fixed contracts for total reliability

Just like our design blueprints, the Harwyn process is tried, tested and meticulous to the letter.

Six weeks is all it takes to build your home-office pod – from signing day to installation day. We provide a visible timeline, with specific and traceable steps.

And our factory-based process comes with another timely advantage. Wet weather is only causing further construction delays (and there’s another wet summer on the horizon).

The Harwyn process isn’t at the mercy of the elements. We manufacture your pod to deadline, every time. Rain or shine.

3. No construction means minimal disruption

You won’t hear a peep out of us while we build your pod. We’ll only be on your property twice: once for preparation, and once for installation.

A week before your pod is ready, we’ll prepare your site for a seamless installation.

On the big day, we’ll deliver and install your pod ourselves. We’ll be in and out in under three hours, meaning minimal disruption to you.

With us, you’ll have no construction workers (and no construction noise!) to contend with.

We deliver to pretty unique places, too – like Flinders Island, a remote island off the coast of Tasmania. No location is too challenging!

Confidence: ours and yours

Clearly, we’re proud of our product. We’ve designed and delivered quality spaces for hundreds of clients – whether for work, accommodation, or both. And their satisfaction speaks for itself.

But as uncertainty reigns in the construction industry, we can now offer yet another product: confidence. Confidence in our years of experience, our precise processes, and the turn-around times we guarantee – and achieve.

So if you’re looking for extra space without the renovation risks, let’s chat. There’s never been a better time.

Can’t shake the renovation itch? With a prefabricated space, you can bypass construction challenges entirely.

Call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) or get in touch today.