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Remote working on a remote island: The story of our most epic delivery to date

It’s not every day that we get asked to deliver a pod to a remote island off the north-east coast of Tasmania. But when we do? The answer is an elated yes.

Because yes, Harwyn delivers everywhere. And yes, we want everyone to reap the benefits of our architecturally designed pods. No matter where they are.

Read the epic story of how we transported a Harwyn pod to executive Thomas – navigating rocky seas across the Bass Strait.

Thomas’ WFH set-up just wasn’t cutting it

When the pandemic first broke out, Thomas, like many others, didn’t know how long remote working would last.

Plus, with two young boys at home, Thomas was dealing with constant noise and interruptions. And of course, Tasmania’s chilly winter didn’t make working from his master bedroom any more pleasant either.

Then, by sheer chance, Thomas stumbled upon Harwyn in the news one day.

The concept of home-office pods was entirely new to him. But Thomas was hooked from the get-go.

“I read lots of great things about Harwyn. And was sold on the idea. But I still had one big question: Could Harwyn deliver the pod to my remote area?”

Luckily, the answer was a resounding yes.

So within two weeks, Thomas had purchased his very own Harwyn pod.

“It was a bit like a blind date,” Thomas laughs.

A strong reputation gave Thomas great confidence

As an executive, Thomas is used to making quick and smart decisions. And he was right about his pod. From the Harwyn’s pod stunning aesthetics to the custom-designed features and architectural precision, Thomas was impressed from day one.

But what moved Thomas to sign on the dotted line?

Harwyn’s glowing reputation in the education sector.

“Harwyn is well established with schools,” Thomas said. “That filled me with confidence. Schools invest in the future. They don’t buy anything that’s not built to last.”

Thomas also loved that the Harwyn pod is a timber fit-out – and the fact that he could choose exactly where the windows were, to optimise the natural light.

An overnight journey – across the Bass Strait

24 hours. One Harwyn pod. And a chance sail across the Bass Strait.

There’s no doubt. Transporting Thomas’ pod to his home on the remote Flinders Island was our most adventurous delivery yet.

And that’s not even accounting for all the coordination to make the delivery possible.

Living on a remote island in the Bass Strait, there’s only one ferry service that runs from Tasmania to Flinders Island. But Thomas decided that multiple stops would be too complicated. So instead, he chose to ferry the pod from Port Welshpool, a regional town in Victoria.

Yet this ferry jets off just once every few months. It’s not scheduled. And it could depart at any given time.

So, we worked with Thomas to try to move the pod several weekends in a row. Only to be told on Thursday or Friday that the weather just wasn’t good enough.

But then one Saturday, everything fell into place.

“The boat was supposed to arrive at 2pm at Port Welshpool for loading at 4pm,” Thomas remembers. “But I think it was 11pm when the pod was finally onboard.”

“Harwyn’s director, Jason, and his driver had to wait 6-7 hours to get clearance. But the phenomenal crew and skipper made it all happen.”

From there, the pod journeyed across the Bass Strait to Flinders Island for over 24 hours. And on Monday, the pod finally met its proud owner.

A new lease on remote working

Four months into being a Harwyn pod owner, Thomas has gained a new perspective on working from home.

“Having a pod is transformational. You look forward to spending time in the pod. It’s warm and bright – and has a great atmosphere for working.”

Thomas also now has the warm and quiet environment he was after – thanks to the Harwyn pod’s 24/7 climate control and premium acoustic insulation.

“Looking back now, I should have made this decision sooner – at the beginning of the pandemic.”

Home-office pods are the future

“Working from home will be a key feature of the future workforce,” says Thomas.

“Investing in a home-office pod will be just like investing in a proper desk, chair and monitor… a pod is merely an extension of that.”

And unlike modular homes or studio spaces, a Harwyn pod can be easily moved whenever you want. Without sacrificing any of the structural integrity.

“Having a pod means having a space where you can thrive.

“It’s probably the best office I’ve ever had. And I’ve been working as an executive for over 20 years.”

Looking to elevate your working from home space? An architecturally designed Harwyn pod will give you the remote working life you dream of. To discuss your situation further, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996). Or send us an enquiry now.