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Get a room, gain an asset: How a Harwyn pod doubles as a home investment

Elegant. Tailor-made. Acoustically treated. And built to last a lifetime.

You might already know what makes a Harwyn pod the perfect home-office solution. But did you know it’s an investment in your property’s valuation, too?

With home buyers prioritising dedicated office spaces (even over number of bedrooms), a prefab pod will bolster your home’s appeal – and its value.

Here’s why.

Adding space, adding value

Last month, the National Managing Editor of, Alice Stolz, wrote about her life-changing decision to install a pod in her backyard.

“The magic of transitioning from house to ‘office’ on days when I work from home cannot be overestimated,” said Alice.

“It might be just a few short steps from the back door, but to be out of the house and not hear the washing machine finish, my daughters crash home from school, the dog barking… it’s bliss.”

As Alice would know, installing a pod isn’t just a practical solution today. It’s also an investment in her home, should she decide to put her property on the market.

“Adding value to my property is always at the front of my mind. The surge in buyers searching for studios and extra office space soared during the pandemic and remains keenly near the top of many buyers’ wish lists,” said Alice.

And recent research reveals a similar trend.

Aussie demand for home-offices on the rise

With the shift to remote work here to stay, more buyers are seeking properties that offer dedicated home-offices. In fact, when the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association revealed the top 10 property features on buyer wish lists, home-offices came in at number three.

They ranked higher than other in-demand features like ensuites, sweeping views, and even a home’s number of bedrooms.

Before the pandemic, home-offices didn’t make the top 10.

By investing in a premium pod, your new home-office will hold its value long into the future. And when the time comes to sell – assuming you don’t take your pod with you – your home will become even more attractive to potential buyers since it:

  • Increases available floor space across your property
  • Appeals to small business owners looking for an onsite workspace
  • Enhances elegance with architectural style and premium finishes

Installing a home-office pod is also a creative way to beautify untouched garden space.

In fact, that’s exactly what our client, Albert, did in his home…

Albert’s eye-catching asset

After settling into his new home, dental specialist Dr Albert Wong found himself with a large vacant area in his backyard. It was unused and unsightly.

It was time to transform the area. But whatever the solution, it needed to complement the prestige of Albert’s brand-new house.

So when he found the Harwyn pod, Albert knew it was the perfect fit. He loved the pod’s eye-catching architectural style and premium finishes. Unrivalled in design flair, the pod was clearly in a class of its own.

Albert loved how the pod was built to last. And on top of being highly functional, he knows the pod remains an enduring asset to his family home.

Three years after installing his Harwyn, Albert couldn’t be happier.

“It certainly was exciting when we first craned the pod in. But the greatest thrill is seeing the pod still looking like new – years on.”

Today’s space solution, tomorrow’s tax deduction

Whether you’re searching for a premium pod to work in peace, or you want to boost the value of your property, a Harwyn pod will be a wise investment in your future.

And did you know you could also claim it as a working from home tax deduction?

Consult your accountant to make sure you have all the details in place to enjoy the tax benefits of investing in a Harwyn home-office pod.

For a ready-made WFH solution, look no further than a Harwyn pod. Call 1300 Harwyn (1800 884 274) or send us an enquiry today.