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Enhancing the value of Albert’s custom home – with a custom pod to match

There’s no greater feeling than settling into a new home; the planning, the anticipation, the excitement.

And that’s exactly how dental specialist Dr Albert Wong felt, when he and his family moved into their new abode in Ivanhoe East.

But there was one issue: an unsightly vacant spot in their backyard that Albert just couldn’t find the right fit for.

That was until one day, when Albert discovered Harwyn.

Finding a solution for an unattractive space

Upon shifting into his new home, Albert had a task on his hands: to reimagine the large vacant area in his backyard – which was detached from the property’s striking architecture.

It was attracting attention. For all the wrong reasons.

So Albert initially thought: What about a shed?

However, given that the space was so visible, Albert knew it had to complement the prestige of his brand-new house. Something with ‘style’ and ‘wow’.

So on Albert went, searching online for ideas, while also discussing options with his builder. But nothing felt right.

Until one day, when Albert stumbled upon Harwyn.

The answer Albert was looking for

Immediately, Albert knew Harwyn was the one.

He loved the eye-catching architectural style and premium finishes of the Harwyn pod. Unrivalled in design flair, the pod was clearly in a class of its own.

As Albert says, “the pod is so different to your ordinary garden shed. It’s more like a ‘tiny house’. And the quality is excellent.”

Albert also loved how the Harwyn pod was built to last. Never needing repainting or other forms of upkeep.

So finally, at the end of 2018, Albert invested in a Harwyn – and boosted the value of his house.

What moved Albert over the line

From dazzling design to stellar service, Harwyn ticked all the boxes.

While the aesthetic of the pod captured Albert’s attention, it was the friendly correspondence from the Harwyn team that kept him grinning.

“We really liked liaising with Harwyn’s Director, Jason,” Albert says, “We appreciated how personable he was.”

From the design planning and product quality to installation and after-sale service, Albert enjoyed all stages of his Harwyn journey.

“Installing our Harwyn was 100% trouble-free,” remembers Albert.

And best of all, the pod feels like an extension of Albert’s home. Like it was there all along.

A versatile space for Albert… and his family

Right now, the pod provides a quiet study space for Albert’s teenage daughter. And due to the pod’s impressive acoustics, it’s also the perfect place for her to practise her flute.

Yet even Albert admits, “the pod is such a versatile space that we’re yet to take full advantage of.

“We love how flexible and private the pod is. It’s as comfortable as anywhere else in the rest of our house. The possibilities are endless.”

And on top of being highly functional, the pod is an absolute asset to his family home.

Some advice from Albert

When selecting a pod, there are some key questions that Albert thinks buyers should be asking.

“Does it enhance the value of the whole property? Is it going to need repairs and maintenance? And are the people who are selling you the product trustworthy?”

Albert is a firm believer in making a greater investment now – to avoid troubles and disappointments later.

Now, three years on from securing his Harwyn, Albert couldn’t be happier.

“The pod is an impressive sight at all times of day. It’s a lovely view into our backyard.”

“It certainly was exciting when we first craned the pod in. But the greatest thrill is seeing the pod still looking like new – years on.”

See more photos of this project HERE.

Are you also looking to solve an awkward or unsightly space on your backyard? A Harwyn pod can elevate the value of your home – while offering endless functionality. Call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996). Or send us an enquiry now.