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Working from home

Swap the daily commuter grind for a beautifully appointed Harwyn and step into a more productive, more creative and more enjoyable working life. It’s the ultimate home office – and so much more.

Home office

Many of us have considered working from home more often. As we sit in our cars inching forward in traffic, or on a crowded train, it seems a positively blissful option. So why aren’t more of us trading the office for a dedicated home office?

Great expectations

In part, the continuing tradition of going to work is due to expectations. We put that expectation on ourselves, and our bosses and colleagues in turn anticipate seeing us there. We convince ourselves that our physical presence in an office building confers wonderful, indefinable benefits to ourselves, our employers and all mankind. But if we were aware of how much time we were wasting, would more of us start working from home?

Working from home: worker benefits

A 45-minute commute each way – not implausible for today’s workers – is equivalent to 24 days per year. Working from home in a Harwyn could save commuters a full working month. How much more could you achieve if you were given an extra month a year?

Eliminating the commute has been shown to reduce stress, improve health, and (for the environmentally conscious) lower your carbon footprint. More time at home goes hand in hand with spending more time around your loved ones, and freeing up time for doing the things you enjoy. Maximise your work. Maximise your play.

What about for employers?

Corporate UseWell, having employees working from home is good for them too. Studies show that it all comes down to productivity, with home-workers experiencing fewer distractions and increased job satisfaction.

Better productivity partly comes from employees spending longer actually working, taking fewer breaks and taking less sick leave. It also comes from employees putting in extra unpaid hours – indeed, it seems that when most people win back a few hours a day by removing the commute, they’re willing to use it on work tasks.

The way of the future?

It might not be for everyone but for many people, working from home is a perfectly realistic future with clear, tangible benefits, and few drawbacks. With all the conveniences of modern technology and the superb craftsmanship that we provide, it is entirely possible to do most white-collar tasks from the comfort of your own Harwyn home office studio.

And of course, it’s not an either/or situation. It’s perfectly possible to work from home some days, and yet still go into the office when you need to. Every time you avoid the commute, it’s an extra few minutes in your pocket. Whether you spend those few minutes furthering your career, coming up with the next big thing, or simply staring at the sunset with someone you love, that time is a gift that a Harwyn pod can provide.