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Working from home: How breaking up your day can work wonders

Working from home may seem like a luxury, but it’s important to develop a mindful approach to your day at the desk.

Regular breaks and time away from the computer are actually beneficial to your work, and should be incorporated into every day if possible.

Garden Office

Like Robert Gerrish, Director of Flying Solo, talked about in his Q&A, your workspace should be viewed as portable and on-hand, a place where you go to work on or nurture ideas as they pop up. Productivity can be triggered by your environment, so it’s important to maintain a fluid approach to how you work best. Being in a new environment, such as the local park or coffee shop – even for a brief time – can stimulate your brain.

An Office Pod

Your thoughts will naturally relax and de-clutter when away from the desk, and will organise information that has been floating around when heading back to it. As Flying Solo’s article ‘What successful people do in the morning‘ details, working from home is about incorporating a work/life balance that enhances your productivity throughout the day. In fact, most of the tips, such as waking up early, exercising and meditating aren’t work related, instead suggesting how to best set you up for the day ahead.

A home office pod

Flying Solo also features an article called ‘Eight productivity tips for procrastinators‘ on achieving maximum productivity during the working day. Tips include keeping your work space uncluttered and knowing when your most effective work time is. It’s about being accountable for the work you’re doing, even if there isn’t a boss looking over your shoulder!

Working at home can provide you with a lot of freedom, so being extra mindful of both your work and headspace will ensure you get the most out of your unique arrangement.