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Why we choose Tretford carpets

When it comes right down to it, details matter. Especially in a home office space you’re going to be spending 40+ hours a week in. That’s why, when the Harwyn designers scoured the world for flooring options, we kept coming back to one – Tretford.

From the ground up

Every line, every shape, every colour and every texture should make it easier for you to work, because if you’re uncomfortable in your workspace, you’ll be looking for excuses to leave.

Tretford carpet is manufactured in Germany and comes standard in all of Harwyn’s Elite range of pods. They produce a line of carpet made from natural, high-grade cashmere goat hair, sustainably and responsibly sourced. The carpeting naturally insulates for heat and sound, and the breathable fibers acts as a filter; proven to actually reduce allergens and dust in the air.

Eco-friendly by design

Tretford carpetThe environmental commitment Tretford stands by, in terms of how and why they make the design choices they do, make them a company and product we’re proud to support and promote. Their carpet is made using a special PVC fusion-bonding process that produces no waste and uses no water. In addition, it’s free from harmful chemicals, and their carpet is non-carcinogenic, non-oestrogenic, and non-bioaccumulative.

Choices choices choices

We would have been sold on the technical specs and benefits alone, but it turns out Tretford carpet is also beautifully textured and available in 48 colours – from Lipstick to Lettuce Leaf, Orange Squash to Double Cream – expanding your options for a fully custom Harwyn office space.

Tretford has a reputation for quality and their carpeting is surprisingly soft but durable. In fact, the offices at Apple, Google, Facebook and SAP have all installed Tretford products in their buildings. We take those endorsements pretty seriously at Harwyn!

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