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“This pod will help the business flourish” – Emma, a clinical psychologist and Harwyn pod owner

2021 was a massive period of business growth for clinical psychologist, Emma. The undesired outcome? Not enough space for Emma to manage the operations of her growing practice.

With more psychologists and clients in the office each day, Emma knew she couldn’t keep using a consulting room for admin tasks.

So, Emma searched for a solution – and to her joy, she found Harwyn.

We spoke to Emma about her Harwyn experience, and why having a separate space for her CEO work has been exactly what she needed.

Q. Hi, Emma. Thanks for sitting down with us. Why don’t we start at the beginning: What brought you to Harwyn?

A. Sure. So I’m a psychologist, and I run my own psychology practice. And it’s grown quite significantly this year.

And since I’m in charge, I have split responsibilities. I work on the business – as CEO, essentially – but I also work in the business seeing clients.

We have four consulting rooms, and until recently, I was doing my CEO work in whatever room was free. But this year, we’ve hired more and more psychologists who need those spaces.

Before I got the pod, I was also training a member of my admin team to become Practice Manager. And to do the tasks she needed to do in that role, she couldn’t be on the front desk.

So it was clear: we needed some extra space.

Q. Sure sounds like it. And how did you find Harwyn? Were there other options on your radar?

A. Well, I started looking at some options for a shed to be lined, turning it into an office space, rather than a consulting room.

I wanted something placed onsite. I did look at a few other options here in Adelaide, but the best I could find was a place that delivered a pod-like structure in flatpack form. But you needed to bring builders in to assemble it – and take care of all the fixtures and fittings.

It would have been a lot of extra work. And in an office environment, which is really busy five days a week, I couldn’t afford to have something built here. It would cause too much disruption.

And then I came across Harwyn on the internet. The fact that Harwyn builds the whole pod entirely offsite, and then trucks it over and pops it down, ready to go, was very attractive.

Q. So your pod is onsite?

A. Yes, it’s just in the garden of the practice.

And because it’s not a consulting space – although it would be perfect for seeing clients – I’ve furnished it a bit. I’ve even popped a couple of beanbags in here!

Q. As a psychologist, I’m sure you understand how important environment is. Does anything stand out about the pod’s design from that perspective?

A. Having a separate space to carry out different tasks is so important. Doing my non-consulting work in here puts me in a great headspace.

And the design is of course, unbelievable.

I love that I had the option to get rounded corners. Everyone comments on them. Seeing it sitting in our garden, with the rounded edges, it just looks architecturally beautiful.

Q. And how did you find the Harwyn experience?

A. The customer service was exemplary.

I worked closely with Jason from the first phone call to installation. And despite how busy he was, he was so switched on.

When I began to get a bit anxious around the recent Melbourne lockdowns – because I knew that would impact the process – he was very reassuring.

He was transparent the entire time, keeping me updated as things moved along. And then, nine weeks after talking to him, I had this usable space. Right here. Ready to go.

Q. So, how has life at the practice changed since getting the pod?

A. Well, I leave the keys to the pod in the kitchen so the other psychologists can use it when they want to have a chat or do some supervision.

They all love it; the pod is very popular!

The atmosphere is also lovely and once I close the door it’s dead quiet in here.

Again, the mental difference of coming out of your everyday workspace into a new space has been great for all of us.

Personally, it gives me the time and space to plan, organise, implement systems and do all the work that keeps the business running. And my manager in training can do the same.

Really, this pod is what will allow the business to flourish.

Are you after a sleek space solution that will aid your productivity and promote a clear mind? A Harwyn pod might be just what you need.

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