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Thinking outside the pod – how Lee transformed her balcony into a functional workspace

How do you make the most of your workspace, especially if it’s an unusual one? Our first-ever client thought outside the box – and came up with a pod instead!

Six years ago, Pilates studio owner, Lee Ajzenman, realised she needed a private space at work to complete admin. But with no room inside her studio, Lee had to get creative. Her light-bulb idea? A Harwyn pod on her studio balcony!

We sat down with Lee to hear her story.

Q: Hi Lee! It’s lovely to chat. So remind us, why were you looking for a pod all those years ago?

A: Really, I was looking for a way to bring an office to my business. I run a physio and Pilates studio. But there just wasn’t a private space inside my studio for admin and paperwork.

One day I was looking out at my gorgeous (yet underused) balcony and thought: ‘why not put an office there?’

Q: Did you consider other solutions for your office?

A: Well, I couldn’t move my business. And I needed to do the paperwork onsite, so that I could still be available for clients and staff. I quickly realised that the pod was perfect for the balcony space.

Q: What made you choose Harwyn?

A: I searched online and found a few options including shipping containers and DIY spaces. But it had to work for the balcony. And I didn’t want something boring!

When I found Harwyn, I fell in love. I was excited by the look and quality they promised.

And right away, they had my confidence too. Communication and customer service was great from the get-go. I felt like they really listened to what I needed.

Q: What was it like designing and setting up your pod?

A: I liked that I could choose my own colours and furnishings. I’m clear about what I like, so I was fairly involved in the design stage. There were lots of options to choose from. And Harwyn made me feel comfortable contributing.

When it came to the setup, they used a crane to install the pod on my studio balcony. Other companies had told me it couldn’t be done – but Harwyn made it work!

Q: So you’ve had your pod for around six years now. Is it still working well for you?

A: Yes, I’m proud to own Harwyn’s first ever pod!

And the best part is it still looks brand new. Everything continues to work beautifully, including the heating and cooling.

Whenever I needed a change, Harwyn has been wonderful. For example, after a couple of years, I didn’t realise how much I disliked sitting all day. So we changed out my desk for a standing desk.

You can refit your pod and change the space whenever you want.

I also liked that if I moved my business, I could take the pod with me. Or even use it as a home-office. I wanted an investment that would be long-term all those years ago. And it still rings true today.

Q: That’s great to hear. How has the pod impacted your life at the studio?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the pod has changed my working life. It just feels nice to work in, you know? It’s not only comfortable. It’s highly functional too.

Now I have somewhere to talk to my staff and hold meetings and reviews.

Plus, it’s not just useful for me – my office manager and bookkeeper use it as well. It has given us that private space to really focus and get things done.

Q: As the first Harwyn client, that’s quite a leap of faith! Did you have any reservations?

A: I had confidence in Harwyn from the beginning. I went to the showroom and saw the finished product there. I could tell they cared about the quality, right down to the last details.

And just as importantly, they made me feel at ease. They didn’t rush or push me into any decisions.

Q: So as the longest-term owner of a Harwyn, what would you tell someone interested in one?

A: When it’s in your business or backyard, you want it to look and feel great. You want it to work for you, and you want to be proud of it. I absolutely love mine. I show it off all the time!

So if you want higher-end comfort and aesthetics for a space that really feels professional – do it!

See more photos of this project HERE.

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