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Think you know Harwyn? 5 surprising facts about our home offices

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know a few things about Harwyn. You know we make sleek, well-equipped home offices for stylish separation between work and family life.

But what you might not know is that our pods can be whatever you need them to be: whether that’s a granny flat, guesthouse or after-school music rehearsal room.

Let’s look at some more surprising facts about our much-loved home-office pods.

1. They can be fitted with bespoke bathrooms – and even kitchenettes

The pandemic made working from home a necessity. And that pushed the popularity of our pods to new heights.

But now that working from home is here to stay, our clients are looking to get even more out of their Harwyn home-office pods. In other words, they want them to be homier.

So we’re now decking out some of our pods with kitchenettes and fully fledged bathrooms. Find a sunny spot for a daybed, and you’ll have a home-office that doubles as a guesthouse.

These pods are equipped with everything a person needs – not just to work, but to live.

2. If they’re delivered at breakfast, they’re ready by lunch

You probably know that our pods are manufactured in our factory and delivered to you ready-to-use. (After all, it’s right there in the word ‘prefabricated’.)

But did you know it only takes us a matter of hours to install them?

Once your pod is ready, we’ll install it right where – and when – you need it.

On the big day, you can start your workday in your usual space and send off your final email in your brand-new Harwyn.

No construction, no disruption.

3. They’re fitted with professional-grade acoustic control – perfect for deep work

Our clients love their Harwyn pods for the clean separation of work and home they create.

Having a sleek workspace away from the rest of your home makes it easy to get into work mode as soon as you step inside.

But do you know what happens when you shut the door behind you? The ruckus of the outside world falls away.

Harwyn pods are fitted with premium acoustic insulation. With minimal noise leaks from the outside world, the limited distractions make it easy to slip into deep-work mode and find your rhythm.

It’s a feature that makes Harwyn the stand-out choice in the prefabricated market.

4. From teen retreats to meditation rooms, they are multipurpose

Harwyn pods make ideal home offices. But, like many things in life, they can serve more than just one purpose.

Do you have kids at home? On the weekends, our pods make for a perfect play space. And for teenagers, they’re also an attractive retreat from the rest of the family. A space for privacy, study and independence.

And if you practise mindfulness, our pods’ acoustic control makes them perfect meditation rooms.

Draw the blinds, light a candle and close the door for a tranquil space that will help you find your centre.

5. They require almost zero maintenance

Our pods are built to last. That means they’ll stand the test of time – with no intervention from you.

Harwyn pods are entirely weatherproof, so you’ll never need to worry about rain or wind damaging the exterior or leaking into the interior.

And you’ll never need to repaint yours for as long as you use it. Our quality cladding materials guarantee that your Harwyn’s colour will never fade.

Of course, some maintenance is unavoidable. Our pods are clever, but they’re not self-cleaning. Although you’ll never need to worry about the structural side of things, the occasional wipe, vacuum and sponge-down will keep your pod looking (and feeling) fresh.

Want to reap the surprising benefits of a Harwyn pod first-hand? For a versatile work-from-home solution, look no further.

Call 1300 Harwyn (1800 884 274) or send us an enquiry today.