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The Harwyn story

The company was born from a search for peace. Peace for a child and peace for a father.

Home office

Imagine you are a father, driving home, your young daughter asleep peacefully in the backseat. You arrive home, and rather than waking her, you decide to get out your 15’ Macbook Pro and work from the comfort of your spacious European 4WD. You can just access the outer reaches of your home office Wi-Fi so you softly tap away at the keys and quietly make calls so as not to disturb the little one. Before you know it, an hour and a half has passed by the time your daughter finally stirs and smiles seeing you by her side. You’ve done your job as a Dad but you still have emails to catch up on so you take her inside and move to the home office to continue working.

You love your daughter more than words can describe. But since she was born the home office has become less of a quiet and productive sanctuary and more of a playroom. You trip over toys and simply can’t concentrate like you used to. You are acutely aware of a desire to slip back into the backseat of your 4WD. You think to yourself, ‘if only I had a peaceful, quiet place like that – with hi-speed internet, beautiful finishes and plenty of space – to retreat to and fully concentrate on my work?’

Well, one father had just such a thought and decided to make it a reality.

This is the story of how Harwyn was born. And now, thanks to one man’s desire for the perfect work/life balance, anyone can own finely crafted, purpose-built designer pods in the backyard. You can be just metres from home and family, fully focused on work and without a seatbelt sticking into your back.

Jason Fremder – Managing Director

home office