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Sonos PLAYBAR – great sound made easy

At Harwyn, we’re all about providing the most comfortable, efficient and enjoyable standalone rooms. We fit out our pods with the finest technology to work from home or simply relax and the Sonos PLAYBAR fits the bill perfectly.

Harwyn and sonos play bar


What is the Sonos PLAYBAR?

The Sonos PLAYBAR is a powerful, wireless nine-speaker unit you can connect to your TV or set up solo. It plays super-realistic audio for movies and shows from your TV plus you can stream any song on earth through the PLAYBAR thanks to its wireless connectivity. Oh, and you can control the PLAYBAR from just about anywhere with the free dedicated apps for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.


Why is the PLAYBAR so great?

Because once you have one you wonder how you ever lived without one – kind of like a designer Harwyn home office. Today, for many people, their smartphone is like an extension of who they are. We know that after you experience the wave of sound from a Sonos PLAYBAR in one of our Harwyn pods, you’ll feel the same way. The sound is rich and full, it’s versatile, it’s mobile and it looks stunning.

Is it easy to set up?

It is possibly the most perfectly simple set up of any electrical device you’ll ever experience. We are trained to be on edge as we pull a new networked or wireless device out of the box.

Sonos System

Setting up printers, cameras, computers etc. can sometimes require a highly specialised team of engineers to help you navigate through. Not with the PLAYBAR. There are literally two cables. Plus, the app walks you through the few steps, anticipates any potential anxieties and cuts them off with a ‘don’t worry, we thought of that for you’ feeling.

You can tell this company love what they do and have taken every effort to make sure that we are going to love their products every step of the way.

The Sonos experience (spoiler alert – AMAZING)

So after maximum 10 minutes for set up, your Sonos PLAYBAR is ready to roll in your Harwyn. Welcome to your audiovisual nirvana.

  • Sony TV perfectly linked with the Sonos PLAYBAR. Tick.
  • App working perfectly. Tick.
  • Movies, skype calls, presentations all with brilliantly clear sound. Tick.
  • Your entire music collection just a click or a swipe away. Tick.
  • Play from popular music streaming services or free internet radio at the touch of a button. Tick.

The Sonos PLAYBAR ticks all our boxes and fits perfectly with the Harwyn philosophy of great quality and beautiful design. Visit our showroom today and experience it for yourself.