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Sleek, angular and muted: See Harwyn’s new school spaces launching in 2022

When it comes to timeless design, some principles never wane. Like neutral tones, ample glass panelling, and crisp, angular lines.

That’s why, when we went to refresh our modular school spaces, we started with these enduring concepts – favouring tenets over trends.

See our striking new look for schools, as we unpack the design doctrines that underpin these bold contemporary spaces.

Subtle and seamless: integrating the pods into the surrounds

Any savvy architect knows that the environment isn’t an afterthought in design. It’s the very first one. The environment should guide everything – from the colour palette to the shape to the finishes.

That’s because the best buildings create a seamless bridge between the natural world and the man-made.

So, in designing our new school spaces, it’s no surprise that we started with the leafy surrounds where many of our pods sit. We asked ourselves: ‘How can we build something that best complements nature?’

This focus is exactly what Harwyn has built a reputation for. But in these new designs, we’ve upped the ante even more.

The answer came in the form of a neutral colour palette – and through using a combination of Colorbond and Barestone. It also meant lining the pod walls with glass windows to invite the natural world in.

Together, these elements unite to create a refined design that blends into the landscape with ease.

Creating these designs amid copious challenges

Without a doubt, 2021 threw various hurdles our way.

From supply chain issues to lockdowns, rolling out this new design was not without its struggles.

With the expectation to install four new classrooms – all featuring this brand-new look – in early 2022, time didn’t seem to be on our side.

But as always, our phenomenal team banded together, performing all the essential tests and processes to get this new design out the door, safely and in style.

Where you’ll see the new look first: Bacchus Marsh Grammar

We’re thrilled to be rolling out this striking new design in schools across Australia this year.

But the first school to enjoy our fresh learning spaces? Bacchus Marsh Grammar.

We first partnered with Bacchus Marsh in 2017 to produce four music practice rooms. The pods have been well-loved since – with the entire school community enjoying how soundproof the spaces are.

But five years on, Bacchus Marsh was ready for even more multi-purpose Harwyn spaces.

And we can’t wait to see Bacchus Marsh – and so many other schools – enjoy this stunning new look in 2022.

Want to add your school to that list? For a custom quote, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) – or enquire now.