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How 6 Victorian schools use their Harwyns – in 6 different ways

Architecturally designed and custom built, Harwyn pods are fast becoming a popular space solution for schools across Australia. From music rooms and staff offices to classrooms and multipurpose halls, our pods can be used in so many ways.

Here’s how six schools in Victoria have chosen to use their Harwyns – and the benefits their school communities now enjoy.

1. A dedicated drama hall at Yarra Valley Grammar

In 2019, Yarra Valley Grammar had a space challenge. Their drama and music departments were expanding – but they didn’t have the infrastructure to support it.

So they explored different options. And decided that Harwyn was the answer.

Today, they have a modern, multipurpose drama hall in the centre of their school. And the best part? It was installed during Term 2 break – to ensure no disruption to students.

For Jane Macneil, Corporate Services Manager at Yarra Valley Grammar, “Harwyn was the standout company who could supply custom-built, attractive rehearsal spaces in a relatively short time.”

Now, Yarra Valley Grammar students can further their artistic talents in a stunning space that invites a connection to the natural world.

Performing Arts Centre

2. A sleek STEM lab at Huntingtower School

STEM labs are becoming an increasingly important fixture for forward-thinking schools. And Huntingtower School, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, is one of them.

So we were thrilled when they approached us for a dynamic space to serve their environmental and STEM program. The result? A 6m x 10m pod that encourages curiosity and deep learning. The pod was fully prefabricated in our Melbourne factory. And installed in a single day.

And for Project Manager of Huntingtower School, Rob Kitchingman, the design process was a highlight.

“We loved that we were able to have so much input throughout the design process,” he said.

With door and window orientation, a striking colour palette and modern floor coverings, we think their creative ideas paid off too – with a sleek end result.

3. A modern music village at Lowther Hall Anglican School

Is your school’s music program booming?

That was the case for Lowther Hall Anglican School – who engaged us to support their music curriculum while they built new infrastructure.

They had three key criteria for their new space: it had to be prefabricated, it needed to be delivered quickly, and it needed to be installed without disrupting their students’ learning.

Harwyn ticked all three boxes. And the school’s Facilities Manager, David Borg, was delighted.

“The pods were welcomed by our music department as well as the wider school community as a great learning space,” said David.

4. Classic classrooms at Presbyterian Ladies’ College Melbourne

Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) was looking for functional and inviting classrooms.

But they didn’t want just any type of classroom. They wanted ones that were personalised with PLC colours and fittings – including desks, chairs, carpets and lights.

And with Harwyn, design customisations are no problem. In fact, they’re our pleasure.

As PLC Business Manager, Hamish Blair explains, “Our Harwyn looks far more like a permanent structure, as opposed to a pod that has been put in temporarily.”

5. A spacious staff office at Mentone Grammar

A leading co-ed school in Melbourne’s bayside, Mentone Grammar is constantly expanding its teaching staff. And with more teachers comes the need for more space to comfortably accommodate them all.

And it didn’t take Mentone Grammar Director of Business, Nicole Bradshaw, long to know that Harwyn was the right solution.

“We knew Harwyn fit the bill. They impressed us from the start.”

Today, Mentone Grammar enjoys airy staff offices with a modern design and colours that blend flawlessly into its campus buildings.

6. The perfect space to access kitchen facilities at McKinnon Secondary College

A space that gives students a gateway to the kitchen facilities? Yes, you read that right.

McKinnon Secondary College approached Harwyn because they needed a solution to do just that.

Although unconventional, this project was far from difficult. And we enjoyed every second bringing McKinnon’s unique pod to life.

We installed a Harwyn during school hours – with no impact on their students’ learning.

Principal Pitsa Binnion, loves how well the pod fits into the surrounding and existing architecture.

“We were very impressed by the staff from Harwyn who installed the pod without problems, and no disruption whatsoever,” said Pitsa.

Now, you’ve seen the sheer diversity of a Harwyn pod. So if your school is facing a space challenge, we’re sure you agree that Harwyn can help. To learn more or for a custom quote, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) or enquire now.