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How a fast fix became a life-long investment: the story of Camberwell Girls’ Grammar

In 2017, Camberwell Girls’ Grammar encountered a space issue. After expanding their music program, they found themselves with a surplus of students – without enough spaces to teach them.

They needed new rooms that were modern, yet sensitive to their heritage buildings.

The spaces had to feel permanent. But also, easy to move.

Luckily, Camberwell’s calls were answered when the school’s Business Manager, Stephen, discovered Harwyn. Here’s how we supported Camberwell Girls’ Grammar with our premium pods.

Weighing up the options

When Camberwell Girls’ Grammar realised they needed extra learning spaces, they weighed up their options.

The first option they considered? Building onto their existing architecture.

But they knew this would be a significant investment. Financially. And time wise. From the planning to the development stage, a traditional build could take six months. And the school simply couldn’t wait that long.

So they then explored some prefab options, but quickly felt underwhelmed.

“Many of the pods we looked at were essentially converted shipping containers,” said Stephen, the school’s Business Manager.

“Fairly dull, lifeless spaces that were touted as home offices. But really, they were nothing more than a glorified box – clad in some other external material.”

Stephen wanted something premium. So he kept searching.

That’s when he found Harwyn.

From aesthetics to student safety: why Harwyn was the standout

Stephen loved several aspects of Harwyn’s pods. But one of the most appealing from the get-go was that they would arrive on campus ready-made.

“It meant we would have a solution to our space challenges really quickly.”

It was also clear to Stephen that the pods had been well thought out. Purpose-built for teaching. And perfectly suited for instrumental music.

The contemporary design was another enticing feature. The pods cladding and colours were specifically chosen to blend in with the existing aesthetic of the Camberwell Girls’ Grammar campus.

What’s more, they’re highly transparent with plenty of glass. This makes the pods a standout for student safety, as it ensures staff can always keep an eye on students – even from outside the pods. It also allows an abundance of natural light to filter in, making the pods feel light and bright for everyone.

A seamless fit – thanks to the pods’ classic design

After making the final decision, Stephen worked closely with Harwyn’s team to integrate the pods into the school’s heritage architecture.

Luckily, it wasn’t hard, thanks to the pods’ minimalist, classic design.

“The design of the Harwyn pod is timeless. It will still look sharp 10 years from now.”

Stephen and the team soon realised that the pods were so much more than a temporary space solution. They were an architectural asset – adding value to their existing buildings.

A flexible investment

Even though the pods feel permanent, Stephen loved how they can still be relocated at any time. This meant that any long-term plans for the school’s construction could go ahead, regardless of where the pods were installed.

If they went with a traditional build, the school would need to knock down the classrooms to complete renovations – knocking out the entire investment with it.

But with their Harwyn pods, relocating these teaching spaces is as simple as a drag and drop (with some equipment involved, of course).


And the best part? The students love the pods too

“We have sessional music teachers right through the week and they are literally booked back-to-back for kids that come in for instrumental lessons,” said Stephen.

“They have almost ditched the traditional classrooms in the old Mountfield house. It’s all about being in the pods.”

School leaders, teachers and students alike are all head over heels for their Harwyn pods.

Does your school also have a space challenge? Harwyn could be the answer. We deliver sleek, ready-made spaces for schools across Australia. To learn more or for a custom quote, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) – or enquire now.