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Pursuing the perfect space

The Harwyn adventure began five years ago with a desire to make a product that inspires people – something that makes life better.

Backyard room

When my close friends and colleagues learnt that I’d embarked on a new business venture, they were intrigued. They wanted to know all the details but it was too early to share the hopes for the business that our team had. It was still our baby. Instead, we poured all our energy into doing rather than talking about what we were going to do.

Now though, our first Harwyn pods are ready for the world. We felt like we needed some feedback so we invited a small group of friends to the showroom. Here’s what they had to say:

“That’s a beautiful desk. But where’s the bar fridge?”

“What, no full length mirror? Can you add that?”

“I would have gone with a deep aubergine for the sofa.”

“Why’s the TV only 40 inches? There’s enough space in here for a 100-inch flat screen.”

“Where’s the bed? I want to live in this!”

So what did we learn? Thankfully our friends reinforced for us what we already knew – there are an infinite number of ways to use a Harwyn and everyone has their own idea about what they would do to make their Harwyn the perfect space for them. Work from home or just chill.

That’s exactly why we designed Harwyn pods to be versatile enough to cater for all needs. We invite you to explore our site and learn all about Harwyn for yourself. When you’ve got your perfect pod in mind for your home office or backyard studio space, our team of architects and designers are ready to make it happen.

Jason Fremder – Managing Director