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Print – Renegade Collective spread

Grab your copy of Renegade Collective magazine Issue 9 and read the double page spread all about Harwyn and our ‘outside the box’ thinking.

About Renegade Collective

Renegade Collective magazine is an eclectic must-read for entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, designers, athletes, bloggers, musicians and style makers of all kinds.

For over 10 years the people behind Renegade Collective have brought together articles from across industries and across the globe to trace the stories of those with an appetite for making an indent in the world.

Harwyn in the magazine

The folks at Renegade Collective recently caught up with the ever on-the-go Managing Director of Harwyn, Jason Fremder. In the course of their chat they covered Harwyn’s journey, from an idea hatched while working in the backseat of a 4WD through to the beautifully designed reality that it is today.

We encourage you pick up a copy of Issue 9 of Renegade Collective, check out the story on page 120 and learn about the Harwyn journey for yourself. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version.