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Considering prefab? 5 reasons it’s now the chosen space solution for leading schools

If your school needs more space, you’re probably exploring various options.

And while you might be across the benefits of a traditional build, do you know the pros of a prefabricated demountable pod?

From its swift, seamless installation to its architectural flair, it’s no surprise that prefab is now the go-to space solution for schools across Australia.

Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Prefab spaces are installed within hours – so they don’t disrupt student learning

Looking to add more space to your school – swiftly? Prefab is the answer.

Built off-site and then installed in a single day, prefabricated pods such as music rooms and demountable classrooms pose no disruption to student learning.

They can be installed on a weekend, pupil-free day or during school holidays, so your students can enjoy a brand-new space when they come back to school – without enduring a long and noisy construction period.

But exactly how quick can you have a prefab space in your school?

Well, at Harwyn, our custom-made pods are typically ready in 12 weeks. And then we install them by crane in a single day.

Music pods in a school

2. From a classroom to a hall, prefab spaces vary in size – and shape

They can be as intimate or as expansive as you need them to be.

We’ve created pods for schools to suit a suite of purposes. From smaller classrooms at Presbyterian Ladies’ College and a staff office at Mentone Grammar to an expansive drama hall at Yarra Valley Grammar or a STEM lab at Huntingtower School.

And did you know prefab spaces can be multi-storey too?

That’s right, we even designed two double-storey pods for Lauriston Girls’ School in 2018 – to align with the height of their surrounding buildings as well as a custom double storey demountable mixed use school classrooms at Bacchus Marsh Grammar.

3. Prefabricated pods have all the fittings and features contemporary classrooms need

Your students deserve an education of the highest standard. And the spaces you provide are fundamental to cultivating this.

But how do prefabricated classrooms and pods stack up in ensuring your teachers have all the tools they need to deliver a stellar learning experience?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that prefab doesn’t skimp on any of the core electrical fittings.

Much more than a DIY shed, a high-end prefabricated space is equipped with full communications wiring and ample power points throughout. So teachers and students can plug in their laptops and monitors just as they normally would.

The best prefabricated pods also have quality thermal and acoustic insulation. So your students can enjoy a comfortable learning environment all year round – while keeping any noise from inside the pod where it belongs: inside.

Demountable classrooms

4. They are just as architecturally impressive as any other building

When it comes to a traditional build, the expectation is unspoken: an architect will be leading the grand design vision.

But with prefab? The lines aren’t so clear.

While this isn’t uniform across all prefab pod companies, at Harwyn, we have an award-winning architect on our team.

Our resident architect, Selwyn Blackstone, offers deep architectural knowledge – and a whole-hearted passion for pod design.

His expertise is invaluable – and guides our design direction. Like our new sleek school spaces, launching in 2022.

Selwyn delivers the same level of attention and care to prefabrication as he would any other construction project, to create “a culture that sits within the landscape.”

Prefabricated classroom

5. Prefabricated spaces are flexible and demountable – and can be moved when your space needs change

This is one of the greatest drawcards of a prefabricated pod.

Harwyn’s designs have the look and feel of a permanent structure. But because they are prefabricated offsite and craned into position, they’re not fixed in one position. So they are in essence demountable classrooms for schools in nature. They can be moved, whenever and to wherever you need.

While many schools initially purchase a pod to solve a temporary space solution, just as many schools want to keep their pod – long after they intended to.

And when that time comes? The pod is easy to relocate to a different position.

Sold on the positives of prefab? If you’d like to learn more about how Harwyn can help your school, or if you’re after a custom quote, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996). Or enquire now.