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Harwyn Prefabricated Classrooms – With A View

Prefabricate Classrooms at PLC

When we hear the term Prefabricated classrooms, the image of old worn down portables that have the look and feel of a shed with desks often comes to mind. But as you can see in the project below, the term prefab only refers to the fact that construction takes place in a factory and a finished classroom is then delivered to site complete. The benefits of prefabricated construction are many and for schools, it means the delivery of classrooms without disruption. It also means that because the classrooms are demountable, they could potentially be moved if the need arose down the track.

4 Classrooms With A View

Harwyn worked with PLC to deliver 4 prefabricated classrooms keeping with the school identity. The Harwyn building is tied in with landscaping to add a contemporary note to an historic site.

4 Prefabricated Classrooms

The site of Presbyterian Ladies’ College has a long and rich history in Melbourne and is set on a stunning site with a sprawling campus. The school had identified the need for additional classrooms and chose Harwyn to deliver.

The Brief From The Client – 4 Classrooms

PLC was familiar with Harwyn’s work in schools as they had visited other schools to experience the prefabricated buildings in situ and they clearly understood the look and quality of Harwyn pods and classrooms.

Prefabricated Classrooms with Students

The client brief was to maintain the contemporary Harwyn look while incorporating the familiar touches of a standard PLC classroom. This would include a PLC desk, a PLC chair, PLC carpet and PLC light fitting. The set out of the projector, the whiteboards and the document camera would all be reflective of a standard PLC classroom. The teachers could come in and start using the prefabricated pods from day 1 as though they were any other PLC classroom.

The Before and After Shot


Prefabricated Classrooms at PLC


“When it arrived, yes it’s a Harwyn Pod but when you step through the door, it actually looks and feels like any other PLC classroom. It’s high quality, it’s a flexible learning space. The teachers can come in and there is a familiarity. That means the teachers and students can come in and use these Classrooms from day 1 as though it was any other PLC classroom.”

Hamish Blair – Business Manager – PLC

See more photos of this project HERE.

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