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Our guiding principles

Years ago, I read story after story from people who simply could not find a backyard studio or home office that would tick all their boxes. Ultimately, they were left uninspired and exasperated by the offerings on the marketplace at the time. For them, there were no Harwyn pods on offer.

Harwyn désigner pod

Fast forward to December 2012. In a moment of inspiration, Harwyn was born. The company name didn’t exist – the design was not even on paper – but the idea and a guiding philosophy were definitely there. I knew there were five things I wanted to bring to the backyard studio market with Harwyn that were sorely missing.

1. Innate style

When I see an Apple store, there is an inherent style that draws me across the road and towards their products. So when I started Harwyn I wanted to create beautiful home studio spaces that would make people feel the same about our pods that they do about Apple. I see a day in the future when people will spot a Harwyn out of the corner of their eye and won’t be able to resist doing a U-turn to admire it a second time.

2. Drawn to touch

When you touch the surface of the latest iPhone you can feel the quality. We wanted the same for our Harwyn pods. It was the driving force behind giving the first line of Harwyns an external skin that would be as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye. Every Harwyn looks beautiful, and up close, the touch only confirms the quality of the finish we’ve applied.

3. Smell of quality

When you lift an Apple product from it’s box you get a distinct smell of quality. It’s the same with a new European car. The first time you slide into the driver’s seat you can smell the craftsmanship that has gone into every stitch and every curve of the dashboard. A Harwyn pod must conjure up the same rection. When you open the door, the smell of quality finishes must rush at you.

4. Instantly ready to work

When my latest iPhone 5s arrived, I knew what to expect. Open the box, press the button and the unit would greet me with a hello, fully charged and ready to go. We’ve put countless hours into the design and delivery of the Harwyn and our customers will have the same experience when their prefabricated, fully fitted out pod is installed. Once the order is placed, we do all the work to make sure that on delivery of your Harwyn Pod, you have a perfect creative space to use straight away.

5. Designing for the years ahead

Unlike new phones or computers, Harwyn prefab offices are built to be with you for years. Decades even. The technology you bring into your Harwyn pod will come and go but the materials we have chosen for every element of the pod, and the craftsmanship we’ve put into their installation, will ensure that your pod looks and feels as good in 12 years as it does today. No software updates required.

Jason Fremder – Managing Director