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One School, Many Needs

Yarra Valley Grammar turned to Harwyn to help address space issues at the school for a number of its programs.

The 1st Harwyn – EAL Learning Space

Yarra Valley Grammar needed an additional small space for teaching groups of 4-5 students in the EAL area. The location for its placement is highly central so the look was crucial. It was also important that the building be easily relocatable as the plan is to move the building and landscape it into its new location to give it the look of a permanent building. This Harwyn is 3.15m W x 5.45m L.

The 2nd Harwyn – Music Rooms

Yarra Valley Grammar needed more space for music tuition and the ability to host one on one lessons without causing disruption to nearby classrooms. Harywn provided this bespoke solution complete with professional soundproofing. It’s enjoyed daily by all students and staff at the school. This Harwyn is a custom unit with an overall footprint of 3.32m W x 7m L comprising of 3 rooms in one. Contact us for any custom enquiries. You can see more photos of this project HERE.

The 3rd Harwyn – Multi Purpose Drama Room

With the continued expansion of the Drama and Music departments at Yarra Valley Grammar, rehearsal space is always at a premium. The School had room in the centre of the campus and approached Harwyn to supply a custom built rehearsal space for use by the performing arts department of the school. This Harwyn is a custom unit with an overall footprint 10m W x 15m L x 3.6m H and an open internal space.


Is your school in need of some extra space? Harwyn can deliver a beautiful space – or several – with a short turnaround.

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