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‘Nothing compares to Harwyn’ – CEO of Provincial Group, Max Waller 

Max Waller always saw working from home in his future. But the events of 2020, and arrival of his newborn son Eddie, only expedited this transition.

Max’s next big choice? Ensuring he found the right solution for his dream home-office space.

Luckily, it only took a Google search and a consultation with his architect for Max to find the answer: Harwyn was the one.

So, with Max having had his Harwyn pod for a few months now, we thought it was the perfect time to check in on how it’s all going.

Q: Hi Max. Thanks so much for your time today. So tell us, what brought you to Harwyn?

A: My wife and I had always planned to invest in a home-office pod.

Together, we run a property advocacy and finance broking business. So we understand property – and the value a well-designed space adds to your lifestyle and equity.

But the choice to secure our own pod was fast-tracked by the birth of our beautiful son, Eddie, and the new working-from-home culture that began in 2020.

We desperately needed a quiet office space. Somewhere for me to work peacefully, without distractions.

With a little one around, every moment of play and exploration is important. And I didn’t want to interfere with that because of my work. So, the journey began of looking for a premium pod.

Q: What stood out about Harwyn?

A: My wife and I thought: ‘if we’re going to work from home, how can we do it best?’

So immediately, the styling and detail of the Harwyn pod drew me in. There was nothing else out there that compared to this level of design.

After exploring the competition – and the possibility of building a pod ourselves – the takeaway was clear: Harwyn was on another level.

We made the decision within a few days. And the pod was in our backyard, with me working in it, in just five weeks!

Q: That’s great to hear! And how was the experience of working with the Harwyn team?

A: I loved how transparent Jason, the Director, was. Everything was backed up in writing – which I really appreciated.

Jason went into so much detail about what was offered. And he was very transparent around the cost. I never left a conversation second-guessing things.

The fact that Jason led all our conversations by documentation was very reassuring. And of course, his personable nature is lovely to work with too!

In terms of the delivery and installation of the pod, I was so impressed.

Harwyn promises the pod to be installed in your home within six weeks. But mine was craned in onsite – and ready for use – in only five.

When I compare that to the time and cost of constructing something from scratch (and the coming and going of tradesman), the value of Harwyn’s prefabricated solution was just priceless. Especially as we had just finished building our own home. It was such a relief not to go through that all again.

Q. Absolutely! So Max, you’ve had your pod for a few months now. Tell us: what have been the big benefits you’ve noticed?

A: First and foremost, the peace and quiet. The ability to shut off the disturbances of home – and enter a calm, focused environment – is phenomenal.

The double-gazed doors and blinds create a really secluded feel as well. In the pod, I have all the materials I need to work. I’ve often thought: ‘what can’t I do in this pod? It’s very much an office.’

And still, I’m only 20 steps away from a cup of home-brewed coffee and a cuddle with my precious little Eddie.

Q. It’s so special you can savour those treasured moments with Eddie, while still working. What do you think the future will look like for your industry with remote work?

A: Definitely. Being close to family, and our newborn son, really has been the biggest upside of having a pod.

As for the future of our work, I can’t see us going back to the office.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, and life as we knew it changed, we asked ourselves the question: do our clients require us to have an office?

And the answer was simple: no.

Luckily, the technology has progressed that people can work from wherever they want. With the comfort they crave. And the flexibility they like.

It’s also the best way to save energy – and travel time. And we’re big advocates of that.

See more photos of this project here.


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