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Making room for music: two double-storey towers for Lauriston Girls’ School

Music education is a vital part of every school curriculum, and every student’s creative, academic and social development.

But without ample space to teach and practise music, students can easily miss out on these all-important learning opportunities. That was the challenge Lauriston Girls’ School faced in 2019, when they didn’t have enough music rooms to cater to their students’ needs. So, they contacted Harwyn to design and install two double-storey music towers. And now, music is celebrated at Lauriston – just as it should be.

Shedding light on a space issue

Sometimes, it’s only through long-term planning that we realise what we lack now.

That was certainly the case for Lauriston Girls’ School. While developing their master plan in 2019, they set their sights on several staged works to occur over a four-year period.

And it was this planning process that opened their eyes to the school’s lack of music rooms – especially for their junior students.

So, turning these insights into actions, Lauriston consulted their architects to help identify the perfect place on campus for two double-storey music buildings.

Lauriston settled on a garden space in the centre of their campus. It was the ideal location.

But there was one issue: it was nestled in among many other buildings. This meant traditional construction methods would be highly disruptive to their students’ learning.

And then they found Harwyn

Lauriston originally intended to build these music rooms in the final stages of the masterplan project. But then, they started considering prefab options.

This made sense for two reasons:

  1. The site was particularly difficult for an in-situ build
  2. It would have been impossible to complete a traditional construction within the school break

Prefab was the way. But who was the perfect provider?

After scouring the internet, Lauriston stumbled upon Harwyn.

The school’s Business Manager, Catherine Tan, was immediately enticed by Harwyn’s promise of a speedy delivery and installation.

But she still wanted to do her due diligence. So she visited another school with a Harwyn pod – to hear about how the staff found them, as well as the overall installation process.

And it quickly became clear: Harwyn was the standout.

A swift installation – at no disruption to students’ learning

Like many other schools, Lauriston was searching for a space solution that could be installed without disturbing their students.

A noisy, disruptive installation was just unavoidable with the many alternatives Catherine researched.

But not with Harwyn.

Lauriston loved how Harwyn let them fast-track their project – while also posing zero disturbance to their students. The pods were quickly installed during school holidays.

And when students and teachers returned to campus, the new spaces were used and enjoyed, immediately.

A clean, contemporary design – loved by all

The Harwyn pods’ striking aesthetic was undoubtedly another selling point for Lauriston.

As a leading Australian girls’ school, Lauriston knew they needed buildings that matched their existing architecture calibre. And with Harwyn, it was an obvious fit.

Lauriston also liked how tailored the design process was. From selecting the right brand-aligned colour palette to enjoying flexibility with the interior fit-out, this was no cookie-cutter pod.

And best of all, the entire school community has taken to loving the pods too.

So much more than a temporary fix

While the pods were installed as part of Lauriston’s overall masterplan, Catherine expects they’ll be there for some time.

As the pods were designed to complement their existing buildings, Catherine thinks they could still be here – even 15 years from now.

That’s due to the flexibility of the pods, which can be easily moved at any moment.

Schools continually change and grow. But with their Harwyn pods, Lauriston knows they can move them to another location for a different use – without disrupting student learning.

What was initially thought of as a short-term solution is now a valuable long-term investment.

Sensational service and a satisfied school

Catherine loved how helpful the Harwyn team was – every step of the way, from design to installation.

When the initial Lauriston colours were unavailable, the Harwyn team worked tirelessly to find a new colour scheme that suited their school environment even better.

And when the staff and students returned to school, seeing the Harwyn pods was the most pleasant surprise.

Three years on, the school community is still loving the pods; they’re almost always booked out.

And with the pods sitting in the centre of the campus, music truly feels at the heart of their school – just as it should be.

Does your school also have a space challenge? Harwyn could be the answer. We deliver sleek, ready-made spaces for schools across Australia. To learn more or for a custom quote, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) – or enquire now.