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Just what the naturopath ordered: How Maria’s pod brought harmony home

As a naturopath, Maria Bergamin knows all about holistic, non-invasive solutions.

So in 2019 when she decided to upgrade her at-home clinic, it was only natural that she turned to Harwyn.

Maria was set on installing a high-quality, functional office that wouldn’t encroach on her personal space. So that’s exactly what we delivered: a pod complete with office, waiting room and bathroom. Everything she and her clients could need.

Three years on, we caught up with Maria to check in on her pod-turned-clinic to see if it filled her prescription.

Striking a work–home balance

In 2019, Maria was already working from home – beating the rest of the world to the punch. And working as a naturopath meant her clients would join her.

“I would ‘work from home’, like many other people,” she explains. “But most people’s clients don’t walk through their front door every day.”

Maria once had to manage all aspects of her business from her house – a space that’s meant to be her personal haven.

Today, she still technically works from home. But now her clients step directly into her Harwyn pod – just like she does each morning.

One size fits all

One of the main drawbacks of running a clinic from home? A lack of space and amenities.

But even with Maria’s diverse clientele, she’s yet to meet a patient she couldn’t comfortably treat in her pod.

With the cosy waiting room outside the consultation room, patients have the space they deserve when they meet Maria – without fear of their treatment being interrupted or overheard.

“Just like they would with a GP, people don’t want anyone overhearing their appointments. That’s why the waiting room comes in handy: it gives each patient privacy,” she explains.

“It also has a built-in toilet, which is great for clients. They don’t have to go into the house anymore. There’s even a Dyson hand dryer and three Dyson lamps in there,” Maria describes.

“It’s all set up really nicely.”

Standing out and slotting in

Even having seen some of Harwyn’s work in schools before, Maria was astounded when she first saw her own pod in situ.

“It was a bit hard to conceptualise,” she admits. “I knew what I was getting. But seeing it in my backyard with all the landscaping done around it? It’s next level.”

And Maria says her clients’ reactions are just the same.

“Everyone’s just blown away when they see it. Once they walk inside and see all the panelling, it gets even better.

“It’s orange, so it stands out – as I hoped it would! And since we installed it, it’s grown into a beautiful feature in the backyard.”

An easy experience from end to end

Three years on and Maria has nothing but fond memories of her Harwyn experience.

From conception to installation, she’s met many members of the Harwyn family. And with each stage of the process bringing different decisions and challenges, Maria and the Harwyn team were able to work together to execute her vision.

“The whole process was great; I had no issues,” she attests.

“Right from the people who laid the foundations, to the people who came later to connect the plumbing. They’re all just really, really nice people.”

Are you looking for a non-invasive solution to your space problem? Naturally, Harwyn can help.

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