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‘I loved that I could start using my pod within minutes’ – Mike Salisbury, CEO

It’s clear. Working from home is the new normal. So, in 2020, like many others, Mike Salisbury got serious about finding the perfect WFH space.

As the head of a global financial services firm, Mike needed a functional yet comfortable workspace. He also wanted the design to be top notch.

Unexpectedly, the answer arrived from Mike’s son – when a Harwyn pod was installed at his school.

We chatted to Mike about investing in a pod and why Harwyn was the right choice for him.

Q. Hi Mike! Thanks for your time. Can you start by sharing why you were looking for a prefab pod?

A. I live between Queensland and Victoria.

Before the pandemic, I was commuting into the Brisbane CBD for work. But as we all know, that no longer became viable. I needed a functional home-office space.

But more than that, I wanted it to be multipurpose. A simple studio just wouldn’t cut it.

Q. So how did you find Harwyn? Did you explore other options?

A. Funnily enough, it was my son who first told me about Harwyn. He’s a music teacher – and they had just installed some Harwyn pods at his school.

I’d always been fascinated by modular design. So Harwyn immediately caught my eye.

I had explored some other WFH alternatives, such as modular homes and studio spaces. But I loved that Harwyn had a pod that was specifically designed for WFH. It was built for business. You can see that in all its design features. No other competitors even come close.

Q. How has the Harwyn experience been for you?

A. I found the whole experience fascinating. I especially loved seeing the design process unfold.

Nothing was ever too difficult for Harwyn. Jason, the Director, always had a solution to making something work.

He was also in touch with me regularly. I didn’t have to chase him up or wonder where things were at.

The installation was seamless too. I’m thrilled with the finished product. It’s so smart.

Q. We’re thrilled to hear that, Mike. You mentioned you’re a design buff. What did you like about the Harwyn aesthetic?

A. Visually, I like how the office space is constructed.

Everything from the ply to the shadow lines is perfect.

I also love the pod’s curve aspect; it’s not just four-square walls. And the natural light, the glass… I could go on and on!

I also thought it was amazing how the pod took two months to build, but I could work in it within minutes of arriving. The installation posed very little interruption to my family.

It was a fully completed package with superb finishes.

Q. How has your work life changed since having your Harwyn pod?

A. I run a business that operates in three countries. With my Harwyn pod, I’ve been able to do that seamlessly from my home in Samford, Queensland.

Creating a separation between work and home is also priceless. The pod is only 40m away from my home… but it feels miles away.

Once I step into my pod, I’m at work. It’s perfect for that mindset shift.

Yet I’m still only minutes from my family, the chickens and the stunning South Pine River.

See more photos of this project HERE.

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