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Home office lighting

Thanks to the versatile lighting system in every Harwyn pod, you can avoid eye strain and have a home office that really shines.

Protecting your vision

Good lighting is absolutely essential to creating a usable home office space. When you’re spending hours on end reading or writing, whether on screen or paper, proper light is essential – anything less is a danger to your vision and detrimental to your productivity.

Eye strain causes blurred vision, dry, red eyes, and headaches. Ignoring this critical factor in a home office is a mistake that will make it harder for you to work comfortably. Bad lighting also contributes to bad posture, stiff neck and backaches. Think about it; you’re hunching over your desk trying to see the screen – of course your back will hurt!

Harwyn – the perfect balance

Poor lighting in the home office space is double edged: too much light, and not enough. When you’re looking at a screen, you need to reduce the ambient light in a room. The carefully considered blind system in our pods will be a life-saver during those long hours of returning emails and writing reports.

The versatile lighting system in Harwyn pods make them the ideal home office space – whether you’re writing on a computer all day and need lower ambient light, or meeting with clients and prefer a bright, naturally lit space.The bright and stylish LED architectural strip lighting we’ve included as standard across the Harwyn range is just one more detail that ensures you’re creating or recreating in a comfortable, well-lit space.

When you’re reading small text in low light, you need bright enough light to avoid eye strain. In addition to the abundance of natural light the Harwyn allows for, Harwyn home office pods all come standard with LED strip lighting in an architectural extrusion. Our German-made lighting provides high functionality with surprisingly low power consumption.

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