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Harwyn in Schools

Business managers from Melbourne schools talk about why they turned to Harwyn and their experience of working with Harwyn to deliver prefabricated classrooms and music rooms.

Quotes from the video:

“We chose Harwyn because of the quality of the finished product was exceptional and really fitted with what we were looking for at PLC.”

“The problem we were trying to resolve (with the use of Harwyn Pods) was the infiltration of noise from our previous percussion and brass studios into other learning spaces that was impacting the student learning experience.”

“We had a need to expand our music program so we needed individual tuition spaces.”

“The acoustic treatment that we are currently sitting in at the moment (in this Harwyn Pod) was much better than anything else we had seen on the market.”

“The area that we are demanding around is how we wanted things fitted out. So it’s a PLC desk, it’s a PLC chair, its PLC carpet, it’s a PLC lightfitting. For various services around things like PA, around the data projector, around the use of a document camera. The teachers can basically come in and start using these pods from Day 1 as though it was any other PLC classroom. “

“These pods are used for our percussion and brass learning program. So the kids when they come into these facilities, it gives them an opportunity to go for what they are trying to achieve. They are not limited by the facility. In fact the facility enables good student experiences  and learning outcomes. So that is a massive benefit. And that is what we are all about, making sure students get the best outcome.”

“Students and teachers absolutely love this space. Its on really high rotation. In fact there is almost a waiting list to get in here. Its used with such regularity and enjoyment its been a really useful way of being able to meet that need of having additional interest in our music program and then being able to supply that space that then met than need. In terms of meeting the brief, its been terrific.”

“Dealing with Harwyn has been really good. Jason (from Harwyn) has been very proactive and hands on. The quality and for the longevity of what we are expecting to have for these pods, it was undoubtedly the right decision for us.”

“Choosing Harwyn for us was the right decision. I think on a number of levels the product speaks for itself. Also the experience working with the team at Harwyn behind the scenes, with the Architects or with the owner of Harwyn, it was a great experience.”

“If we needed more space, Harwyn would be a company at the top of my list.”

“Right from the get go, its just been a very seamless process. I think we could have more. I think if we had the capacity for more, I think we absolutely would.”

“Very happy to recommend Harwyn to anyone who was looking for a similar space.”

Is your school in need of some extra space? Harwyn can deliver a beautiful space – or several – with a short turnaround.

To learn more, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) or enquire now.