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Grand Designs minus Kevin McCloud

Hi. If you don’t know me, let me quickly introduce myself. I’m Jason Fremder, Founder and Managing Director of Harwyn. I started the company when an idea came to me with lightning clarity from the backseat of my 4WD. Just 18 months later and here we are!

Enter Kevin McCloud


To give you a glimpse of the Harwyn experience from an insider’s view, I thought we should get Kevin McCloud in and do a small feature piece so you could be invited to step inside Harwyn and experience our company and process.

In Kevin’s own words, “Grand Designs is all about designing a space and using it intelligently and cleverly to suggest things”, so we knew Harwyn would be right up his alley.


Exit Kevin McCloud

A couple of problems in getting Kevin McCloud in. Firstly, I don’t know him and nor does anyone on the Harwyn team. Secondly, there is no secondly when firstly is such a stumbling block.

Naturally, we decided to create our own version of Grand Designs.

Roll Credits

Lastly, letting you know that I’m going to commit to sending you out a Harwyn update about once a month via email. It will be always be my voice with short, sharp snippets from behind the scenes at Harwyn. I’m looking forward to hearing from you too so feel free to contact us.

Jason Fremder
 – Managing Director