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Is Richard’s lush garden office your WFH dream?

For most of us in office jobs, our 9-5 window to experience nature is limited to oversized displays of indoor plants scattered across our desks.

But for Richard, International Roaming Senior Commercial Lead at Telstra, greenery isn’t something he has to pile into pots and remember to water. In fact, his office is immersed in it.

Draped in wisteria – and nestled next to a murraya hedge and fishbone ferns – is Richard’s workspace. It was installed in May 2021. But from a cursory glance, you’d think it’s been there all along. And it’s a stark upgrade from his former makeshift bedroom arrangement.

Here’s how Richard found his remote working haven.

Q. Hi Richard! So, tell us: Why were you looking for a home-office space?

A. I have two teenage daughters. But only three bedrooms.

That meant we had more people than bedrooms in our home, and being the only guy in the house, I was always going to lose that battle.

The girls, understandably, wanted their own rooms. So, I needed to find an alternative to hijacking my daughter’s bedroom come 9am.

I started exploring the renovation route, grasping the projected timeframe and costs. But soon enough, I realised it wasn’t worth it.

That’s when the idea of a garden office sprung to mind.

Q. What was your working situation before the pod?

A. I was working out of my daughter’s bedroom.

Each morning, I’d have to kick her out to make space for my office. It’s safe to say, she wasn’t thrilled with the situation.

Having worked remotely ever since the pandemic hit, and with no plans to give up flexible work any time soon, I knew I needed a long-term solution; a WFH space that fostered deep focus and kept my daughter happy.

Q. Did you explore any other prefab options before choosing Harwyn?

A. Well, I like to think of myself as a handy person. So when I became staunch on a prefab space, my first thought was to build one.

Within days, I drew up a design on a spreadsheet. But not long after, I happened upon Harwyn – and immediately saw that both renders were the same.

While my design was limited to a rough two-dimensional sketch, Harwyn presented a premium pod that was ready to go, with all the essential wiring and sleek finishes. I could see the Harwyn pod was designed to be a home office rather than a converted shed.

It didn’t take long to realise that Harwyn was exactly what I was looking for.

Q. I’m sure that would have saved you a lot of time too! So we installed your pod in May 2021. How has life with a Harwyn been since?

A. It’s a great space to work in. It’s extremely comfortable.

When I sit in the pod, I look at our house, which is open plan. So it feels both separate from the house yet connected to it at the same time.

But the biggest win is that my daughters are thrilled to have their bedrooms back. I think everyone’s happy for me to be out here.

Q. How was your experience working with the Harwyn team?

A. The Director, Jason, was friendly and generous with his time.

He even took me to see a pod at someone’s home in Elsternwick. That was great to see the pod in situ.

The day my pod was craned in, the Harwyn team was in and out in a couple of hours. It was all so easy and I was ready to start working in it that day.

Q. Was there anything about the pod that surprised you?

A. I’ve been surprised by how unobtrusive the pod is. I thought sticking a pod in the backyard would be a dominating feature. But it seamlessly blends in.

All the plants have grown around the pod, including this beautiful wisteria tree adorning the top. It’s like the pod has always been here.

And yet we’ve instantly got this extra space that we desperately needed.

Q. What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting a WFH pod?

A. I would say do it because it’s been a great outcome for us.

I’ve told a few people about the pod. And they’ve come around and commented on how excellent it looks.

When comparing the pod to the planning time and expenses involved in a renovation, this option is a no-brainer.

See more photos of this project HERE.

Are you after a garden office space that will erase your WFH woes? A Harwyn pod might be just what you need.

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