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From the business manager’s mouth: Why schools choose Harwyn

Any large investment demands research. But a smart purchase involves listening to the people who have bought before you. Because it’s their words – and experiences – that tell you everything you need to know.

So here are some conversations we’ve had with business managers from Melbourne schools over the years.

Take it from them (not us) on why they chose Harwyn for their school.

From Presbyterian Ladies’ College Melbourne (PLC), Hamish Blair.

When Hamish from PLC approached us, he had high expectations. As the business manager at a distinguished independent girls’ school, Hamish knew that any new structure he brought into PLC had to reaffirm the calibre of their existing learning programs.

And with enrolments rising at PLC, Hamish had to find new premium spaces – fast.

“We were looking to complement the transformation of our Senior School facilities by adding new external classrooms,” Hamish said.

“But the standard for these new prefabricated classrooms had to be extremely high. We wanted the highest quality and durability possible, but with an aesthetic that would also complement our existing landscape and architecture.

“We chose Harwyn because the quality of the finished product was exceptional – and really fitted with what we were looking for at PLC.

“Harwyn was outstanding in tailoring their product to our needs. They nurtured us through the development process – and made it timely, efficient and easy.”

From St Michael’s Grammar School, Farai Mufuka

Farai first asked for one Harwyn pod to resolve his school’s space challenge. But soon enough, he came back for six more.

Here’s what Farai had to say: “We had a major problem in our school. The noise from our percussion and brass studies carried into other learning spaces – distracting and affecting our students’ learning.

“Students in nearby classrooms couldn’t concentrate. And our talented musicians didn’t feel comfortable playing their music to their full and loudest potential… That’s when we found Harwyn.

“A key differentiator of Harwyn was their ability to acoustically treat pods – specifically for music programs in schools. That really put them on a different level from everyone else in the market.”

And now?

“Everyone loves [the pods]. The original intention was to only get one. But as soon as it was installed, the performing arts staff were knocking down my door to get another one.”

In August 2022, St Michael’s will have four more Harwyn pods – with a toilet block and change rooms being installed in their new performing arts centre.

From Camberwell Girls Grammar School, Stephen Cuddon

Like St Michael’s, Camberwell Girls Grammar found themselves with a space issue in 2017: a surplus of students yet not enough spaces to teach them.

But the school’s business manager, Stephen Cuddon, wasn’t impressed with the prefabricated options out there.

“Many of the pods we looked at were essentially converted shipping containers.

“Fairly dull, lifeless spaces that were touted as home offices. But really, they were nothing more than a glorified box – clad in some other external material.”

Searching for something premium, Stephen came across Harwyn.

And he immediately fell in love with our pods. Their function and their form.

“The design of the Harwyn pod is timeless. It will still look sharp 10 years from now.”

And best of all, the students love the pods as much as Stephen.

“We have sessional music teachers right through the week and they are booked back-to-back for kids that come in for instrumental lessons.

“They have almost ditched the traditional classrooms. Now it’s all about being in the pods.”

Feeling inspired by what these school business managers have said about our spaces? For a custom quote, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) – or enquire now.

Or listen to these school business managers speak in this video: