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Four things you learn on a photoshoot

We know we have a great product with the Harwyn pod. But to properly share it with the world, we knew we needed some great photography.

As you can see from this site, we got some truly stunning shots in the end but we also learnt a few things along the way.

Location is critical

The Harwyn pod needed an outdoor location. The surfaces of the pod pick up so many reflections that an indoor shoot is tricky to say the least. And in any case, the pod was begging to be photographed out in the sun in its natural glory.

So the location scout was on. No place was out of bounds. We put the feelers out…and after an exhaustive search, we found the perfect setting. A beautiful backyard for a beautiful backyard studio.

Weather is a fickle master

Our fate was in the hands of the gods on this one. We needed to coordinate a number of professionals. They were all booked a week in advance and had a three-day window for the shoot. Thanks to Mother Nature, that quickly became one.

Harwyn installationAs the day drew near, the forecast was looking great. Morning came and brought crystal clear skies. The truck arrived with the pod safely wrapped up from the journey, ready to be the centre of attention. Everything was looking perfect. So now all the focus was on getting the pod into position while the photographers set up. Quick as a flash we had the pod ready. But right when we were about to shoot we look up and from out of nowhere, a dark blanket of cloud had formed and settled in over our location.

So the waiting game began. We wanted sunshine to help highlight the beauty of the pod’s surfaces. As the day rolled on, I started to get a bit nervous. The photographers assured me we only needed a little break in the sky and things would come to life very quickly. I wasn’t convinced. But we waited, and waited some more.

Finally, as darkness loomed, the break finally came. We only had a five minute window when the sun peered out from behind the cloud but we got the shots before it got dark…just.

Proximity to Bunnings is a must

When preparing for this photoshoot, there was a large project plan laid out to make sure we had planned for and covered every small detail. We didn’t know why we would be going to Bunnings but we did know there was a very good chance we would. And of course, we did. Luckily it was only a few kilometres to the nearest store and a life-saving battery drill.

Photoshoot preparation

Context is key

The importance of a photo to be able to tell a story in an instant is very important.

If we see a photo of Shane Warne in his whites on his approach to the crease at the MCG, we instantly know he has a batsman concentrating fully on trying to survive whatever surprise is in store. The moment we see that photo of Shane in his whites, in an instant, it registers.

But the Harwyn pod is brand new. When you see a photo of one, there is not the same level of immediate recognition and understanding. That’s exactly why we took the time to find the perfect location and capture the Harwyn pod in a way that conveys it’s purpose. The Harwyn pod is a beautifully crafted home office or backyard studio space at home for those who are serious about creation and recreation and we think the photography throughout this site shows that. Enjoy.

Jason Fremder – Managing Director