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Considering a home-office pod? Put your provider to the test – before you say ‘yes’!

Now that you’ve discovered the world of home-office pods, you recognise the many benefits they offer. Promising complete separation between your family and work life, they really are the ultimate working-from-home solution.

But not all brands of pods are created equal. They range substantially in quality, durability and of course, price. And you deserve to know exactly what you’re getting in return for your investment.

That’s why it’s important to ask these 8 critical questions – before you sign on that dotted line.

1.     Will my pod be fixed securely to the ground?

When installing a pod in your backyard, you want to be sure it is secure, strong and sturdy – for years on end. How? By ensuring it is placed on an engineer-certified footing system.

Unlike makeshift installation alternatives, an engineer-certified footing system anchors your pod, preventing it from moving over time as a result of wind or weather.

And when you’re working away inside, you’ll always feel like you’re sitting or standing on a solid floor. No bouncing around – and no cold air filtering up through the bottom due to its sealed, insulated flooring system.

2.     Where will my pod be built and fitted out?

Where and how your pod is constructed matters. Here’s why.

Some pod providers will simply drop off your pod as though it were an IKEA flat pack shelf. You’ll then need a contractor (supplied by them or sourced by you) to set it up on your premises.

Although this might not seem like a big deal at first, it is – because the quality of construction will ultimately come down to the skills, experience and attention-to-detail of that contractor.

On the other hand, pods that are built fully in-house will ensure utmost quality control and precision of the finished product. And by having a unified team of designers, draftspeople, engineers and architects working in concert behind the scenes, you are assured excellence at every stage – from concept and design to construction and delivery.

This approach is also a lot more convenient. When your pod arrives at your home, it will be installed and ready to use… within just two hours!

3.     Will the look-and-feel of my pod stand the test of time?

In addition to your pod being long-lasting on a practical level, you want it to be aesthetically enduring too.

And that means ensuring its design is timeless – underpinned by architectural expertise and integrity. Here, we’re talking about the pod’s interior and exterior.

Simple lines, neutral contrasting colours, visual balance and maximum open space. These are the hallmarks of a classic yet contemporary design.

And that means a truly stylish pod that you will love… forever.

4.     Will my pod have quality thermal and acoustic insulation?

Keeping your office at the perfect temperature should be a given, not a gamble.

But this is only possible if your pod has been designed and built to offer superior levels of thermal insulation.

The same goes for acoustic insulation. You want to be sure that noise inside your pod stays inside. (This is especially the case if your child uses it on weekends to practise hot cross buns on their recorder on repeat!)

However, you also need sufficient insulation from the noise around your pod when trying to focus. Ideally, you want to hear nothing more than the faint sounds of the birds in the trees – the or soft patter of raindrops as they fall to the ground outside.

5.     Will I have to maintain my pod over time?

Chipped or faded paintwork. Rusted doors and windows. And a world of upkeep and frustration that could have been avoided.

This is the future you’ll be facing if you choose a ‘cheap’ home-office pod.

Because true quality isn’t just something you’ll enjoy now. You will benefit from it for years to come – as you’ll never need to spend precious time or money keeping your pod looking like new and in perfect working order.

But how can you know for sure that you are getting a quality pod? Start with these questions:

  • Where will the building materials be sourced? (Opt for Australian-made where possible.)
  • Will the pod be built and fitted out in a factory for utmost precision and quality control?
  • Does the pod have awning windows to protect against weather and water damage?
  • Are the pod’s doors and windows protected with powder coated aluminum to prevent rusting?

6.     Will my pod feel bright, open and connected to nature?

Although we love nothing more than a stylish, good-looking pod, it’s important not to judge a pod solely by its cover.

You also want to know how you feel when you step inside it.

Does it feel warm and spacious? What about natural light? Does it feature large open windows that invite plenty of sunlight and a connection to the natural world?

Why does this matter? Because bringing nature into your workplace doesn’t just feel good; it also reduces stress, enhances focus and boosts creativity.

And a smartly designed, architecturally inspired pod will allow you to reap these rewards.

7.     Can I custom design my pod to match my home?

Some pods will look like nothing more than a shed or shipping container in your backyard. But others will look like a true part of your ‘home’.

So how do you achieve that seamless connection?

It’s about quality, of course. But it’s also about customisation.

A premium pod provider will have a stunning selection of colours and materials for you to choose from. This will allow you to customise your pod and ensure it complements your house and garden perfectly.

8.     If I move, will I be able to take my pod with me?

You might not be looking to move any time soon. But if the need or desire were to arise, you’d want to know that you could easily move your pod with you.

While most pods can be moved, you want to be sure yours will stay perfectly intact – and looking just as it did before relocation.

That’s why, once again, quality is king – and always worth the investment.

Looking for a pod that ticks all of the above? Meet Harwyn. Our award-winning home-office pods are built to last a lifetime and designed by architects for timeless style. To learn more, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) or send an enquiry now.