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Actively improving your working day

With recent studies suggesting sitting down all day to be extremely detrimental to our health, it’s critical that we begin to incorporate movement into our working days.

For a majority of us, working in a stationary position is part of every day. But there are a number of ways we can get our bodies moving, even at and around the desk.

Professional Use

1. Stretch

With the recent cold snap, staying indoors doesn’t have to stop you from doing exercise. Try a few simple stretches to keep your muscles and joints limber, and to avoid aches and pains throughout the day. Start with a neck stretch, touching your ear to your shoulder and holding it there. Try sitting down at a 90 degree angle and holding your leg out straight, one at a time for two seconds. Then open your chest by stretching your arms back. Finish off with some back extensions, holding your hips and slowly bending backward.

2. Step it up

Take the stairs instead of hopping in the lift. Even if your Harwyn is installed in your backyard, go for a walk before beginning work to feel like you’ve ‘arrived’ at your office.

3. Reconsider how you get to work

If it’s an option for you, walk or ride to work instead of driving your car. Even getting public transport will increase the amount of movement you do.

4. Use your lunch break to move

Rather than gobbling down your lunch in front of a screen, walk to a nearby park to eat lunch, then do a lap of the block to help with digestion. The fresh air will leave you feeling refreshed and alert.

5. Install a standing desk

Workplaces are changing their approach to office life. While working from a desk is unavoidable for most, standing desks are a great alternative to sitting.

Begin incorporating these tips into your working day, and you’ll be doing your health and wellbeing a major favour.