About Harwyn Prefabricated Pods

Harwyn – State of the art space solutions . Made in Melbourne Australia, these Architect designed prefabricated pods are for those who demand the very best.

Harwyn pods are beautiful prefabricated multi-purpose spaces that can be easily installed anywhere.

What Harwyn Does for you

Harwyn provides state of the art space solutions. Clients turn to Harwyn when they are in need of a high quality prefabricated space that can be delivered in a matter of weeks with the finish and quality of an award winning Architectural structure.

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Our team

Combining years of architectural experience and design knowledge with an intuitive understanding of what customers want and the common problems faced in work environments, our team is determined to make your space work for you. We are:

Jason Fremder – Managing Director
Samantha Blackstone – General Manager, Projects
Gilan Blackstone – Non-Executive Director
Selwyn Blackstone – Architect

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FAQs answered


FAQs answered

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