About Harwyn Prefabricated Pods

A little extra room for a lot more freedom – that’s a Harwyn pod. Made in Melbourne, these beautifully designed, prefabricated studio pods are for those who think outside the box.

Born from the simple need of optimising existing space, Harwyn prefabricated pods represent the beauty of thinking laterally. They’re smart, economical and perfect for the modern lifestyle and business environment. Being creative with how you use space not only allows you to juggle both personal and professional needs, but it gives you a flexible portable space, boosting productivity and overcoming structural boundaries.

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Our team

Combining years of architectural experience and design knowledge with an intuitive understanding of what customers want and the common problems faced in work environments, our team is determined to make your space work for you. We are:

Jason Fremder – Managing Director
Samantha Blackstone – General Manager, Projects
Gilan Blackstone – Non-Executive Director
Selwyn Blackstone – Architect

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Our difference

Harwyns are premium prefabricated pods – you won’t find any better in Australia.

Our team works on what we like to think of as a “100 to 1 concept ratio,” where for every 100 great design ideas we put to paper, one will emerge as exceptional to make its way from sketchpad to design.

When it comes to creating Harwyns, we involve our team at every step of the process and use only the best European materials direct from our expert suppliers. Our meticulous design and research into the finest materials makes it easier when it comes to buying a Harwyn – because you know every detail is accounted for. Compared to renovations and renting space off-site, our pricing model is extremely competitive and provides you with a beautiful prefabricated working space in just days. A Harwyn represents an astute investment – one that can move with you when you relocate.

While we have never compromised on structural integrity and use of beautiful, long-life materials, we have considered cost at every stage of the process. So you know that your Harwyn is not just smart to look at, but meticulously budgeted to provide exceptional value.

FAQs answered


FAQs answered

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