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Garden Office – Working From Home

An architecturally designed prefab garden office is a perfect set up for those short on space who need to create a dedicated office that will sit neatly in your garden and add a striking architectural element to your home .

Garden Office

Harwyn prefabricated pods nestle perfectly into outdoor spaces and could be your answer to a practical, hassle free and architecturally striking garden office space. Sidestep all the fuss that goes with standard extensions and renovations, a prefabricated Harwyn is the obvious choice for your ideal garden office.

Garden Office

Extensions and renovations or a Garden Office?

A typical extension or house renovation would requires heavy involvement from you. With designers, builders and contractors looking to you for instruction, you become project manager and quality control officer on top of client and the project’s success ultimately rest on your shoulders.

Unlike lengthy standard extensions/renovations, the installation of a prefabricated Harwyn garden office can take as little as 2 hours. Additionally you’ll receive extensive pre and post-installation support from the Harwyn team, so you won’t have to worry about a single thing – something you rarely get once the builders and contractors pack up their tools.

Garden Office

A Garden Office Customised to your needs

With a Harwyn Pod, you already know how your prefab garden office is going to look. There’s no conceptualising from abstract blueprints – you can experience fully finished pods, and have the freedom to customise your prefab pod to suit your tastes with our extensive range.

Plus, we’ve taken the guess work out of choosing high quality finishes. Everything we do is top shelf.

  • We know the colours of your Harwyn will stay true for the next 25 years because our architects have specified the very best cladding materials.
  • We know your LED lighting system is going to take care of your eyes because we have sourced the very best LED fittings.
  • We know your Harwyn will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer because Harwyn garden offices have high quality insulation systems.

Garden Office

At Harwyn, we take our combined decades of building and architectural experience and use them to provide you with a tailored garden office space – minus all the stress and worry for you. You can be working in your Harwyn garden offices in a matter of days so call us today.

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