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The A-Z of thriving while working from home

It’s official. Remote working is here to stay. And by now, there’s been loads of advice published on how to be your best WFH self.

So, instead of making you sift through the many articles, we’ve collated the top tips into an A-Z guide on thriving while working from home. Let’s go.

A – Adapt

Due to the pandemic, you’ve probably been remote working for some time now. So you’ve also likely gotten into a WFH groove.

But things are always changing. That’s why adapting to new challenges is a cornerstone of WFH success.

How? By being patient with yourself and remembering that navigating change is not an overnight process.

B – Breaks

Contrary to what you might think, the biggest threat to successful remote working is not underperformance – but overperformance. That’s why breaks are especially important when WFH.

The best way to make sure you take breaks? Put them in your calendar. Not only will it remind you to take them, it will also let colleagues know you’re not to be disturbed during these times.

C – Cafes and coffee

By now, you should have your favourite local café. And we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re on a first-name basis with your barista… who starts pouring your oat milk as you walk in the door.

The café-coffee experience is more vital than you may think. Not only is it good for that caffeine hit – it also gives a dose of much-needed social interaction. So say goodbye to any guilt you have about a jaunt to the local café…

D – Disconnecting

Working from home shouldn’t mean living at work. But it can very quickly become so if you don’t create clear boundaries.

Try establishing a daily ritual that signifies you’re ending ‘work time’ and entering ‘home time’; a psychological way of saying ‘this is done’. This could be shutting down your laptop and putting it in a drawer. Or unwinding with an end-of-work playlist or 20-minute walk.

E – Energy

How do you keep your energy up while WFH?

First, make sure your literal energy is nourished with healthy snacks and lots of H2O. Then keep those spirits high by putting on music, chatting to a colleague or embracing those aroma diffusers.

F – Family

If you’re remote working with children at home, you’ve got some extra challenges to navigate.

The answer? Securing a separate, quiet space that lets you work – without the barrage of distractions. Something like a WFH pod can be a lifesaver.

G – Getting dressed for success

You don’t have to dress for the catwalk every day. But graduating from your PJs to ‘work clothes’ is essential.

Because turns out, what you wear affects your emotions and moods. So dress the (professional) part and your mind will be more likely to embrace it.

H – Habits

Positive habits are the backbone of WFH success. Why? Because habits grow stronger over time – to the point where they become automatic. When your motivation is low, it’s good habits that will keep you going

So what are some good remote working habits? You may choose to start your day with a stroll or some light reading. Or it might be eating your lunch in the fresh air or working from a designated workspace.

I – Internet connection

Having a high-functioning internet connection is non-negotiable when WFH. With video meetings and potentially online presentations, your internet needs to be high-speed and reliable.

The answer may be as simple as investing in a Wi-Fi-extender, which can increase the range of your net across your home and property. Or you may have to face the fact it’s time to change internet provider.

J – Jokes

Humour really does make life a lot richer. But when you WFH, it’s easy to lose that team laughter.

A solution? Infusing jokes or memes into your day-to-day work life through team chats or productivity tools. Or perhaps you can keep the laughter going by playing some online games together.

K – Keeping in touch

Regular wellbeing check-ins should be a crucial part of the remote working world.

They might happen once a month. Or perhaps it’s something you kickstart your morning meetings with – a genuine question of how each other is doing through a colour system (e.g. yellow = anxious, green = happy).

L – Lunch

As nice as a sesame soba noodle salad or zucchini frittata might sound, there’s no need to be a master chef in the middle of your busy workdays.

Our advice? Prep your meals on the weekend so that you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to lunchtime. This way, you can use the time to recharge and relax – rather than taking on another high-powered brain activity.

M – Music

Listening to music can help boost your mood and productivity, while also adding some richness to your day.

We recommend creating different playlists for distinct kinds of work. For example, your favourite tunes for admin work, instrumental pieces for deep thinking and an upbeat playlist for when you need a pick-me-up.

N – Nature

The research is in. Incorporating nature into your work environment boosts your mood and wellbeing. It can even decrease your stress levels.

So how is your WFH space looking? Try sprucing it up with some indoor plants – or set yourself up somewhere with lots of natural light. The aim is to create a space that invites a connection to the natural world.

O – Organise

A chaotic and cluttered workspace is the last thing you want WFH.

So make an effort to keep your environment organised and inviting. Our tip: make it a habit to take all your cups and plates to the kitchen at the end of the day, so you can start fresh in the morning.

P – Productivity

For a lot of people, productivity while WFH is a major challenge. The main reason? Family.

The solution to this dilemma might be setting clear expectations with them. This could be playing no loud music at certain times of the day or letting them know when you will be free to talk with them.

Want more productivity inspo? Check out our top productivity tips.

Q – Quiet

A quiet, distraction-free space is crucial to WFH success.

But if you have kids running amuck, silence might seem like an impossible feat.

Some solutions? Noise cancelling headphones, white noise apps to tune out your surroundings or investing in a quiet, separate workspace.

R – Relationships

How do you build relationships with new co-workers… online?

This is a quandary many individuals are facing.

Try setting up virtual coffee dates with new colleagues to get to know them one-on-one. Or perhaps your team can organise a weekly Zoom call where you chat about anything BUT work.

S – Strategic

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

A great part of WFH is that you may have some more flexibility with the hours or structure of your day. So if you’re energised in the morning, this is the perfect time to schedule your high-focus tasks. You can then leave your low-level attention work (such as admin and watching videos) for the afternoon.

T – Temptation

If there’s a lot going on in your life, it may be tempting to complete ‘quick’ personal tasks that are niggling at you during your dedicated work time. It could be calling the gardener, booking the car in for a service or paying the water bill.

However, research shows that after a distraction, it takes on average 23 minutes to return to our previous task with the same focus.

It all comes back to those productivity tips, getting dressed in professional attire and working in a distinct space – to help keep your mindset in full time ‘work mode’.

U – Upskill

When you work remotely, you rely heavily on technology. That’s why you need to be across the latest and greatest tech.

First thing’s first: make sure your work is secure by installing an antivirus software, if it’s not already. Next, you should be across task-management apps like Slack, Trello and Asana – and collaborative document tools such as Google Docs and Dropbox Paper.

V – Video calls

Do you have a love-hate relationship with video calls? While they can be a great – and even essential – form of communication while WFH, constant video calls can be draining.

So be sure to give yourself a break by opting for a phone call instead, every now and then.

You can also be creative with how you employ video calls. For example, if you have a remote team, trial leaving your cameras on for an hour a day to feel more connected and ensure productivity.

W – Walks

When you WFH, you lose that incidental exercise of walking to the train, your car – or even to work.

So it’s important to consider how you’re going to get those 10,000 steps done each day. It could be something you incorporate into your lunch break or before or after work.

X – Xylophone music

Turns out, xylophone music is actually great for concentration.

No, we weren’t just desperate for an ‘X’ word. Don’t believe us? Check out this relaxing xylophone music.

Y – Yoga

If your WFH set-up is less than ideal, you may be struggling with some aches and pains. Or perhaps you’ve been experiencing a stressful work period.

Either way, yoga is an amazing way to clear your mind, alleviate body pain and increase your energy.

You don’t have to become a master yogi. But incorporating some yoga into your daily or weekly WFH life will do wonders for your body and mind.

Z – ZZZs

We all know how vital sleep is. But like we mentioned earlier, it’s easy to overwork at home – blurring the boundaries between the two.

So make sure you don’t work late into the night. And switch off and enjoy some no-screen time before bed.

If you’re looking to enhance your WFH experience with an enticing space that also promotes productivity and connects you to nature, Harwyn is the answer. To learn more, call 1300 HARWYN (1300 427 996) or send an enquiry now.