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Q&A with Yarra Valley Grammar Junior School

We sat down for a chat with the Deputy Principal of the junior school at Yarra Valley Grammar to find out what the reaction from the school was in having their first of many Harwyn Pods at the school.

What were you looking for? Why was there a need for Harywn Pods?

We needed an additional small space for teaching groups of 4-5 students in the EAL area. I had seen photos of the Harwyn pods and met Jason at Camberwell Girls’ Grammar to see one up close. That sold me.

How did the search unfold? There are plenty of pre-fab options around as well as traditional building methods?

We would not have gone for a standard portable type building as we wanted better than what is moved around in emergency situations. As this Pod was to be in a central position, the “look” was crucial.

Was time a factor in choosing Harwyn over traditional building methods?

No, came down to look and what was needed to be done after delivery. We simply connected power and data and it was ready for use.

ELS School Classroom

What were the design features that appealed to you?

Fully finished inside, LED lights, split system. The final red and dark grey colours look fantastic.

How do the pods compare to your existing classrooms?

Although they still look like a separate building, they are finished well and the outside appearance is fantastic.

Do they appear as a temporary fix?

We have not “boxed” ours in as we are waiting on final building approval for a nearby work area. Some may say it looks portable at the moment.

Is it appealing that the pods can be easily relocated if need be?

Definitely in our case. We located it where we needed and have now put forward a new building project for consideration, which will require movement of the pod in the future.

Are the pods used regularly?

Daily and for every period of the day.

Is it possible that the pods would still be in the same location 15 years from now?

No, ours is in a temporary location as we have future building works scheduled, so we are looking at relocating it when the new building starts.

How did you find the process of dealing with Harwyn?

Very happy. From design, pricing, pre delivery and delivery aspects. Even a follow up call and inspection.

How have the staff, students and parents reacted?

Very positive. The EAL students and parents love the POD.

I would thoroughly recommend Harwyn.

Deputy Principal-Head of Junior School

Yarra Valley Grammar


See more images of this project HERE.

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