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Peeling Back The Layers

Alucobond is the outer skin of your Harwyn Pod that comes in a dazzling array of colours. From pure whites, metallic greys, shimmering reds, Alucobond offers a kaleidoscope of choices.

Harwyn sky

Production of each panel

Each Harwyn Pod is made up of more than 40 individual Alucobond panels. The panels are expertly made up by a combination of advanced CNC routing combined with hands on tradesmanship. There is great art to executing a perfect panel for installation on a Harwyn pod.

Take a look at this video courtesy of Alucobond  to see the work involved in fabricating one of the numerous panels that make up the outer skin of a Harwyn Pod.

As you have seen in the video, a great amount of precision work goes into the fabrication of each individual Harwyn panel. Visit Alucobond and enjoy being inspired by projects from around the world.